5 Essential Items for Beard Care in the Winter



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The winter season can do some pretty gnarly things to your body hair. Your beard – your pride and joy – can become itchy and uncomfortable, so if the last thing on your mind is shaving it off, then you’ll want to keep your pockets full on these five beard care items.

Beard Oil

Keep your whiskers as soft as silk with a bottle of beard oil. This oil is enriched with nutrients that, during the winter, not only keep your beard hair smooth but also the skin underneath. This is especially important during the winter since the cold, frigid winds induce dryness. We recommend trying Jack Black Beard Oil with vitamin E and Kalahari melon oil.

Beard Balm

Beard balm delivers the same moisturizing benefits as oil, but they’re also made with natural butter and waxes that add weight and body for sculpting beard shapes. In the winter, a thick coat of beard balm that sits atop a thin layer of moisturizer will prevent hard gusts of cold air from penetrating your hairy shield and stinging the underlying skin. Try this can of Badger Beard Balm fortified with vitamins A, D, E, and F.

Beard Wash

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Beard washes are crucial in daily beard-grooming rituals. There’s absolutely no point in applying balm into a greasy beard. At the end of the day, beard washes flush away residual oil, grime, and dirt that has accumulated in your facial hair throughout the day. Here’s the Scotch Porter beard wash with moisturizer.

Beard Comb

Some beard aficionados may consider beard combs an unnecessary piece of equipment, but without one, you can skip your grooming ritual altogether. Combing your face whiskers allows balms and oils to absorb more easily into the hair by separating individual strands and pulling the product from root to end. Here’s an awesome beard comb that’s attractive as it is affordable.


It only takes the tiniest gust of wind to make your tight beard look weird. A stray hair or two may not sound like the end of the world, but if they’re standing on end opposite of the rest, they can be a sight for sore eyes. A pair of portable beard scissors is all you need to punish unruly beard hairs, and the rest will stay in line out of fear of being snipped. The Tweezerman facial hair scissors is a great pair to start with.