Amazing Uses of Vinegar That Will Surprise You.



1.  Make Your Towels Fluffy Fluff Out Your Towels

After many uses, towels lose their fluffiness and become hard. They begin to look rough and faded. Let’s face it; the thought of using that to wrap your body as you step out of the shower is cringy.

If it looks like your towels need refreshing, get your vinegar out of the fridge. During your next wash, add half a cup of vinegar in the washer. It will restore life to your towels and return them to their original fluffiness or something close.

2.  Kill Pesky Fruit Flies  Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Whether you love animals or not, fruit flies are never wanted in the house. The good thing is that you can get rid of the annoying critters in your kitchen as long as you have some vinegar around.

Pour out a little amount of some apple cider vinegar into a small jar or saucer. Add a squeeze or two of dish soap. Keep the jar in the area where the flies are most  disturbing. The smell of the mixture will attract them but they won’t be able to swim out of it and your kitchen will be free from flies again.