Car Cleaning and Products You Can Use For Cleaning



Many people spend a lot of time in their cars and as a result, the interior could get dirty overtime or even cluttered. While keeping your car clean seems like an obvious thing to many, some may not realize just how important it is to get car cleaning done in the right way and with the right products.

Here’s more on car cleaning and why you should do it often.

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What does car cleaning involve?

Car cleaning involves a process of vacuuming, cleaning using chemical products, wiping the car and polishing it. This means you need:

  • A great vacuum cleaner especially for cleaning carpets and nooks
  • Some chemical products to clean plastic, upholstery, vinyl, e.t.c
  • Some wiping and polishing supplies to ensure the end result of your work is detailed
  • Some different size brushes and applicators to clean away dust from the air vents and other places that are hard to reach

Benefits of car cleaning

Car cleaning is great for your car in many ways. They include:

Car cleaning preserves the car’s paint

Car cleaning includes washing and waxing, something that many people consider a luxury. It’s very necessary to get these services through car cleaning because they help maintain the exterior of the car.

It’s natural for your car to depreciate with time, however, you can prolong its life so that it maintains its great appearance for a longer period just through car cleaning.

When your car is exposed to dirt for a longer period, both the paint and metal will be eaten away.

Car cleaning makes your car safer

Keeping your car clean to a great extent reduces your chances of getting into an accident. “How?” you may ask. Well, a lot of accidents happen because of dirty windows that affect the driver’s visibility.

In case you haven’t noticed it yet, your car has a lot of blind spots. Allowing dirt to get there and build up can significantly affect your ability as a driver to see properly.

Car cleaning will reduce repair costs

Whenever your car is filthy, it leads to destruction of some parts and as mentioned, the paint. Repairing all these can be quite costly which is why you need to clean your car regularly. It eliminates the need for such expenses which in the long run hurt the car’s overall value.

Car cleaning is healthy for you

We should keep our surroundings clean and that includes the interior of our cars. A lot of people let theirs get far too dirty which is very unhealthy as it could lead to a build-up of bacteria on areas such as steering wheels, your dashboard, and upholstery.

Car cleaning gives you a good reputation

Having your car cleaned regularly generally makes you happy and makes others feel good about being around you.

How you keep your car usually says a lot about the kind of person you are so a clean car says you are generally a clean and neat individual.

What are some great car cleaning tips

  • Always clear out the trash before you start vacuuming
  • You should pull out the mats from your car and shake them well to make vacuuming easier
  • Vacuum all the seats that’s the ones on the front and the back
  • Wipe your windows with a window cleaner
  • Use equal parts vinegar and water to eliminate stains on your seat

What are some great car cleaning products to buy?

You need a variety of products in order to clean your car. Here are some great ones you could buy.

Hotor corded car vacuum cleaner


  • Low noise
  • Strong suction
  • Lightweight
  • Very versatile
  • Well-equipped attachment

This Hotor corded car vacuum cleaner is a great device for car cleaning.

It helps vacuum your car seats and gets to all the nooks of your car. It’s one of the best car cleaning devices you can get out there because of the powerful suction.

This car cleaning device has a HEPA filter and comes with a number of other attachments. It also has LED lighting to help you see dark corners in your car properly.

It has a power cord 16.4 foot long that plugs into the 12V outlet of your car. This car cleaning device also has a tube attachment that reaches the car’s awkward areas.

CarGuys Premium Services Wheel Cleaner


  • PH neutral formula is enhanced
  • 100% safe for different rims
  • Great for metals and tires
  • Environmentally friendly

Next on our best car cleaning products is the CarGuys Premium Services Wheel Cleaner.

The CarGuys Premium Services Wheel Cleaner is a great car cleaning product that easily cleans out dust and grime from your car’s wheels, tires, and calipers.

This car cleaning product is safe for different types of materials such as alloy, chrome, aluminum, and many others so your car is safe whenever you’re using it.

It removes tire dressings, exhaust tips, and white wall tires. It’s also environmentally friendly as it is acid-free and non-toxic. This car cleaning product, therefore, causes no damage to your vehicle.

Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Mix


  • The finish repels water droplets
  • Protects from UV rays
  • Doesn’t leave any residue
  • Could leave a haze when you wipe it off
  • Hard to pour the right amount

The third on our car cleaning must-haves is the Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Mix.

It protects your car from any kind of environmental damage while making it look all new and sparkly. It gives your car the right kind of shine.

This car cleaning supply is so easy to apply because of its thin film technology. You can apply the wax using your hands or you could go for a dual action polisher.

The car cleaning wax leaves no white residue on the plastic parts of your car. It also has a great ability to repel different messes on the road such as dirt and mud. For best results with it, you need to apply your wax after properly washing your car.

Our verdict

As to which of these three products is the most important to have while car cleaning, we say all. That’s because all these products serve a different purpose in your car cleaning process so we advise that you get all of them.

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