Different Ways to Boost Your Tax Refund


No one wants to pay the tax more than they owe. But in some cases, people usually pay more tax which results in a tax refund.

Getting a tax refund is always a better feeling of joy. Only a few lucky people get the opportunity to get the feel of a high tax refund.

However, one can increase the tax refund through various means. Before showing you the ways to boost your tax refund, first, we will make you understand about the tax refund.

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tax refund
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What is a Tax Refund?

A tax refund is a payment given to the taxpayer who has paid more tax than they owe.

The federal or state government usually returns the amount, which is over the required tax.

For example, if your total tax is $1000 and you have paid $1500, then the state might return you $500 or sometimes less because it is an extra amount than the required one.

In some cases, you might have to claim the tax refund to get it. According to a report, around 72% of taxpayers got a tax refund previous year.

Furthermore, the tax refund rules may vary from country to country or even from state to state.

Each country set specific criteria to provide a tax refund. Below are some of the ways to boost the tax refund.

Methods to Increase Tax Refund

When it comes to the tax refund, various methods are available that can help the taxpayer to increase the refund. Following are some methods to increase the tax refund.

  • Filing Status
  • Tax Deductions
  • State Sales Tax
  • Reinvested Dividends
  • Student Loan Interest
  • Charitable Contributions
  • Review Your W-4

To learn more about all these ways, you should read the section below.

Filing Status

Choosing the right filing status can help you to boost your tax refund. If you want to expand your refund’s size, then you should select the filing status wisely.

According to a report, around 96% of married couples usually prefer the joint return.

A joint return is not as beneficial as you might think. Married filing separately can be more suitable for many married couples rather than the joint return.

However, the process for married filing separately might take more effort, but it can result in a more tax refund.

Filing status has different types and preferring the right filing status can be more profitable for you.

In addition, each filing status has its own drawbacks and advantages, which you should know to get the maximum benefit.

Tax Deductions

There are several tax deductions available that you might not know about. 

The tax deduction you qualify can have a significant impact on your tax refund.

Keeping a better record of your tax deduction can help you to obtain more tax refund.

State Sales Tax

To get a better idea of the state sales tax, you can use the IRS calculator.

The IRS calculator will assist you in locating the amount of local and state taxes, which you can reduce.

Reinvested Dividends

If you desire to minimize your tax liability, then you should not ignore the reinvested dividends.

Student Loan Interest

The student loan interest is another way to get a tax deduction.

Even if you don’t pay your student loan by yourself, still you can take better advantage of it.

The money paid by someone else for your student loan interest is viewed as you paid that money.

However, for the student loan interest, you will have to meet specific requirements.

Charitable Contributions

Charitable contributions can also result in a significant tax deduction.

Make sure to keep the record of your big or even small donations.

Review Your W-4

With the help of W-4, your company can easily know how much income tax to keep from your salary.

A large paycheck might result in a less tax refund and vice versa. While filing the W-4 form, make sure to claim the childcare tax and other credits.

The childcare credit depends on the amount you paid for better care of your children.

Factors Affecting the Income Tax

There are multiple factors that affect income tax. Some of the factors that you should focus on to reduce your income tax and get a maximum tax refund are the following:

  • Taxable Income
  • Adjustments
  • Tax Credits

These factors can help you to maximize your tax refund.

Taxable Income

With the help of a taxable income, you can know the amount of tax that you will have to pay to the government.

Salaries, tips and bonuses also come under the taxable income. Both unearned and earned income falls in the taxable income.


Adjustments can also affect your income tax. Once you know your earned and unearned income, you can calculate the adjusted gross income easily.

However, by applying a specific formula, you can get the total adjustments to taxable income.

Tax Credits

Tax credits can additionally increase or decrease your income tax.

Using the tax credits correctly can help you maximize the tax refund. A tax credit supports the taxpayer to reduce the amount of tax they owe to the state.

Are You Eligible For Tax Refund?

Most people usually don’t know whether they will get a tax refund or not. However, the answer to this question is based on your financial situation.

You can take assistance from a tax estimator to get an estimate of your tax liability.

It is easy to get an idea of your tax burden if you have a simple tax situation.

Further, you can also learn about your federal tax refund status from different platforms.

However, a complicated tax situation may require you to take help from an experienced person.

A tax preparer might be a suitable option to try during any issue.

How to Get a High Tax Refund?

In case you wish to get a higher amount of tax refund then you should keep tracking receipts, taxes and other documents.

Try to collect all the tax-related data throughout the year.

Keep your tax-related papers organized because you may need it in future.

The papers may include tax forms, charitable contributions and other relevant tax documents.

Besides this, you must further focus on the filing status, tax deductions and other related things that can assist you in expanding the tax refund.

If you have any issue with your taxes and don’t know the solution to it, then you may visit a tax preparer.

A tax preparer can help you to get out of a complicated situation in terms of taxes.

However, provide all the required details and documents to the tax preparer so that you can get the maximum advantage.


If you don’t like paying hefty income taxes, then you must go through this article.

Here we have added some of the beneficial methods using which one can boost the tax refund.

You can also learn about the factors that affect the income tax.

However, once you are familiar with the tax-related things, you can minimize the amount of tax you owe to the government.

Furthermore, knowing about different factors regarding the tax will help you to increase your tax refund.

So make sure to go through this tax refund article to boost your tax refund.

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