Getting a Good Deal on a Luxurious AirBnB



Oh, aren’t we all sometimes just in need of a little luxury in our lives?

AirBnB has launched a new feature last year.

It lets you find the most luxurious accommodations through AirBnB.

The thing is though: they are pretty pricey.

While they do include some perks a regular AirBnB might not offer, the price for luxury AirBnB sure is a downside.

So to start this article off, let’s get into the basics of AirBnB and then talk about how luxurious AirBnBs don’t need to break the bank.

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How Does AirBnB Work?

Unlike hotels, AirBnBs are run by local owners who rent out their properties.

Some might only rent a room or an apartment in their house, while others rent out whole houses and some find really luxurious accommodations through AirBnB.

Crazy right? Can you imagine owning a house that no one actually lives in for a longer period of time? A luxurious AirBnB for less than the price of a hotel room?

It Is Important to be Aware of What AirBnBs are!

Some people see AirBnb as an option to find a cheap place to stay.

The new luxe department however has a totally different vision.

Be aware of this: You are not just paying for a stay on a couch somewhere.

But even with a luxurious AirBnB that hasn’t made it tho the luxe stage you can find a great place to stay

Consider What All You are Getting When Choosing a luxurious AirBnB

You are paying to experience a different culture. You are paying to experience the life of others.

When purchasing a luxe AirBnB you are paying for the experience as well – not just a place to stay as you would with a regular luxurious AirBnB.

All that means that a luxurious AirBnB can come cheap, while a luxe AirBnB is really pricey.

How Much Does Staying in an AirBnB actually cost?

The price for a luxurious AirBnB really depends on where you are looking to go.

You will find that you will pay the lowest prices for a luxurious AirBnB in South America, while AirBnBs in North America are the most expensive.

Be aware of the structure of your target country when searching luxurious AirBnBs.

You can find a really cheap luxurious AirBnB in South America or Africa, but in Europe or North America it will cost you a little more.

What exactly are Luxe AirBnBs?

AirBnB launched its luxe tier in 2019.

In this special part of the offered AirBnB gives you access to exclusive properties in prime destinations.

You can even rent out a whole mansion in some places.

This, of course, will cost you more

The Luxe AirBnB Segment offers Unique Vacations for an Average of $ 1.500 a night

These luxe AirBnb homers have been checked and vetted, their properties have been evaluated and a lot of time and effort has been put into all this.

But there are other perks you will get when making a booking through AirBnB luxe:

  • a trip with all amenities you can possibly dream of
  • You will stay at a unique destination that has gained access to this exclusive form of accommodations
  • You will have access to a trip designer
  • You will get to stay at the most unique locations in the world
  • a 24/7 Concierge service, that will take care of transportation, reservations etc.
  • You will stay in one of 2.000 handpicked destinations all over the world

Do you really need to book through AirBnB Luxe for a luxurious AirBnB?

Certainly not!

AirBnb offers a great variety of homes to choose from for your stay in a luxurious AirBnB.

There is no reason you have to break the bank for a home from the AirBnB Luxe segment for a great luxurious stay at an AirBnB.

There are plenty options through AirBnB Plus and on the regular site.

While AirBnB Luxe offers you some awesome options for a great stay, it is absolutely not necessary to get one of the 2.000 exclusive destinations they offer, if you want to stay somewhere elegant.

What should you pay attention to when booking a luxurious AirBnB?

Well as anywhere on the internet there are scammers even on a platform like AirBnB.

A simple way to make sure you get what you are paying for is to pay attention to the reviews a listing has received.

The Earlier You Book, the More Options You have

If you start looking for your luxurious AirBnB earlier, you are more likely to get a better deal.

Most owners are interested in having their luxurious AirBnBs at capacity, therefore earlier bookings mean that you will have much more options than you would have if you got a booking last minute.

How long are you going to stay?

Yes, just like renting a hotel room for a longer time brings down the price, renting a luxurious AirBnB for a longer period will usually make it cheaper as well.

For one it means less work for the owner, who doesn’t have to deal with different tenants every few days and furthermore it gives them more security – they know their money will come in.

Therefore renting a luxurious AirBnB for a longer period of time should always cost you less per day!

Talk to the Owners

This little trick has helped many people score cheaper rates for their stay. There are a few things to keep in mind however:

  • be aware that you are talking to a person – be friendly and kind – don’t request anything outrageous
  • this is something that can be done, but not a must – offering a discount is simply a show of good faith
  • scoring better rates for your luxurious AirBnB is an option especially for a longer stay
  • be kind, be friendly, don’t feel entitled
  • be aware of when you are trying to book – this most likely won’t work for your luxurious AirBnB during peak season
  • don’t fret if it doesn’t work out – keep in mind that AirBnBs are usually so much cheaper than hotel rooms already!

To negotiate a cheaper rate for your luxurious AirBnB, you have to get in touch with the owner. Do that before you inquire about booking the luxurious AirBnB.

Let them know who you are and what you are interested in. Be specific about your timeframe and maybe you will be lucky to strike a great deal on one of the luxurious AirBnBs found on the website.

So What Should You Do When You are Wanting to Stay in a Luxurious AirBnB, but Don’t Want to Break the Bank?

Like we said earlier, prices depend heavily on where you are looking to go. Be aware of the income structure at your destination – ultimately you will get the kind of luxurious AirBnB you paid for.

Be wary if a luxurious AirBnB looks too good to be true – it usually is. Pay attention to the reviews of the luxurious AirBnB and be aware that not all of those are likely to be real.

Consider AirBnB Luxe if you are really looking for a unique experience in one of the most exclusive properties out there, instead of just looking for a luxurious AirBnB.

Did you know that you can actually rent a whole island? I mean, $ 1 Million is a steep price for a week and I sure can’t afford it, but who knows? Maybe one day – a girl can dream, right?

We kind of need to stick to our luxurious AirBnBs for now.

Negotiate the rates for your luxurious AirBnB, especially if you are looking to stay for a longer period of time or are going during the off season.

But the most important thing is to keep in mind that whenever you are renting a luxurious AirBnB you are not talking to a manager or booking agent – you are talking to someone who is renting out something they created. Be respectful and kind.

Best of luck in finding your dream luxurious AirBnB and have a great stay!

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