Nike is Offering Massive Discounts Off Your Favorite Items in Honor of Summer



Nike has always been for the power-spenders. The iconic ‘swoosh’ brand has elephant tracks in the sportswear industry and markets just anything from sports watches to running shoes and jumpers.

If you have always had an eye for everything you love on this brand but never had the financial capability, here comes some good news – Nike’s big flash sale is here!

Now you have a chance to spend little and achieve your dreams while having up to 50% discount when you buy the things you love; Apple watches, pumps, jumpers, and full zip hoodies.

It is only Nike’s little way of helping you acquire your wants without smashing your credit.

Jordan Rise Basketball Shorts

Nike Jordan Rise Basketball shorts

Remember Michael Jordan? Sure you do, who wouldn’t anyway? The basketball star has always and is still strongly working hand in hand with the Nike brand to provide you with the full basketball kits whenever you want. Just like Jordan embedded his name in the heart of basketball lovers, there is no feeling like knowing you have what it takes to soar and dunk like Jordan! Surprisingly, the shorts go for $28.

Beautiful Apple Nike+ Sports Watches

Apple Nike+ watch

A watch is quite important to keep you organized and time conscious. The Apple Watch Nike+ Series 3 comes with an inbuilt GPS tracker to keep you from wandering off track. It also incorporates a ‘Run Club’ app which notifies you from time to time, when you should hit the pavement, running. You can also monitor the weather from the weather feature on the watch and these will only set you back $386.

Full-zip Hoodies

Nike full-zip hoodie

Maybe the ‘Sportswear Legacy Full-zip Hoodie’ is everything you need to be in-between warm and chilly – such a happy feeling. However, what is better is that it can be gotten at a 50% slashed price and that leaves just $80.97! Wow!

Nike’s Free Flyknits

Nike Flyknit

The Nike’s Flyknit is the perfect combination of style and comfort. This rare combination makes the Flyknit perfect for different occasions and looks whether you’re going to the bar, hitting the gym or running. You can now get this for a surprising $59! Terrific!