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Different Ways to Boost Your Tax Refund


No one wants to pay the tax more than they owe. But in some cases, people usually pay more tax which results in a tax refund.

Getting a tax refund is always a better feeling of joy. Only a few lucky people get the opportunity to get the feel of a high tax refund.

However, one can increase the tax refund through various means. Before showing you the ways to boost your tax refund, first, we will make you understand about the tax refund.

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What is a Tax Refund?

A tax refund is a payment given to the taxpayer who has paid more tax than they owe.

The federal or state government usually returns the amount, which is over the required tax.

For example, if your total tax is $1000 and you have paid $1500, then the state might return you $500 or sometimes less because it is an extra amount than the required one.

In some cases, you might have to claim the tax refund to get it. According to a report, around 72% of taxpayers got a tax refund previous year.

Furthermore, the tax refund rules may vary from country to country or even from state to state.

Each country set specific criteria to provide a tax refund. Below are some of the ways to boost the tax refund.

Methods to Increase Tax Refund

When it comes to the tax refund, various methods are available that can help the taxpayer to increase the refund. Following are some methods to increase the tax refund.

  • Filing Status
  • Tax Deductions
  • State Sales Tax
  • Reinvested Dividends
  • Student Loan Interest
  • Charitable Contributions
  • Review Your W-4

To learn more about all these ways, you should read the section below.

Filing Status

Choosing the right filing status can help you to boost your tax refund. If you want to expand your refund’s size, then you should select the filing status wisely.

According to a report, around 96% of married couples usually prefer the joint return.

A joint return is not as beneficial as you might think. Married filing separately can be more suitable for many married couples rather than the joint return.

However, the process for married filing separately might take more effort, but it can result in a more tax refund.

Filing status has different types and preferring the right filing status can be more profitable for you.

In addition, each filing status has its own drawbacks and advantages, which you should know to get the maximum benefit.

Tax Deductions

There are several tax deductions available that you might not know about. 

The tax deduction you qualify can have a significant impact on your tax refund.

Keeping a better record of your tax deduction can help you to obtain more tax refund.

State Sales Tax

To get a better idea of the state sales tax, you can use the IRS calculator.

The IRS calculator will assist you in locating the amount of local and state taxes, which you can reduce.

Reinvested Dividends

If you desire to minimize your tax liability, then you should not ignore the reinvested dividends.

Student Loan Interest

The student loan interest is another way to get a tax deduction.

Even if you don’t pay your student loan by yourself, still you can take better advantage of it.

The money paid by someone else for your student loan interest is viewed as you paid that money.

However, for the student loan interest, you will have to meet specific requirements.

Charitable Contributions

Charitable contributions can also result in a significant tax deduction.

Make sure to keep the record of your big or even small donations.

Review Your W-4

With the help of W-4, your company can easily know how much income tax to keep from your salary.

A large paycheck might result in a less tax refund and vice versa. While filing the W-4 form, make sure to claim the childcare tax and other credits.

The childcare credit depends on the amount you paid for better care of your children.

Factors Affecting the Income Tax

There are multiple factors that affect income tax. Some of the factors that you should focus on to reduce your income tax and get a maximum tax refund are the following:

  • Taxable Income
  • Adjustments
  • Tax Credits

These factors can help you to maximize your tax refund.

Taxable Income

With the help of a taxable income, you can know the amount of tax that you will have to pay to the government.

Salaries, tips and bonuses also come under the taxable income. Both unearned and earned income falls in the taxable income.


Adjustments can also affect your income tax. Once you know your earned and unearned income, you can calculate the adjusted gross income easily.

However, by applying a specific formula, you can get the total adjustments to taxable income.

Tax Credits

Tax credits can additionally increase or decrease your income tax.

Using the tax credits correctly can help you maximize the tax refund. A tax credit supports the taxpayer to reduce the amount of tax they owe to the state.

Are You Eligible For Tax Refund?

Most people usually don’t know whether they will get a tax refund or not. However, the answer to this question is based on your financial situation.

You can take assistance from a tax estimator to get an estimate of your tax liability.

It is easy to get an idea of your tax burden if you have a simple tax situation.

Further, you can also learn about your federal tax refund status from different platforms.

However, a complicated tax situation may require you to take help from an experienced person.

A tax preparer might be a suitable option to try during any issue.

How to Get a High Tax Refund?

In case you wish to get a higher amount of tax refund then you should keep tracking receipts, taxes and other documents.

Try to collect all the tax-related data throughout the year.

Keep your tax-related papers organized because you may need it in future.

The papers may include tax forms, charitable contributions and other relevant tax documents.

Besides this, you must further focus on the filing status, tax deductions and other related things that can assist you in expanding the tax refund.

If you have any issue with your taxes and don’t know the solution to it, then you may visit a tax preparer.

A tax preparer can help you to get out of a complicated situation in terms of taxes.

However, provide all the required details and documents to the tax preparer so that you can get the maximum advantage.


If you don’t like paying hefty income taxes, then you must go through this article.

Here we have added some of the beneficial methods using which one can boost the tax refund.

You can also learn about the factors that affect the income tax.

However, once you are familiar with the tax-related things, you can minimize the amount of tax you owe to the government.

Furthermore, knowing about different factors regarding the tax will help you to increase your tax refund.

So make sure to go through this tax refund article to boost your tax refund.

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Top 6 Countries to Open an Offshore Bank Account


People who want to save their income from hefty taxes and other strict rules usually prefer opening an offshore bank account. These banks can help you save a lot of money.

However, each country usually has different standards when it comes to the offshore bank account.

Due to these standards finding the best country to open an offshore bank account that suits your needs might become a complicated process.

So to help you, in this article, we have included the six best countries that you should favor if you want to open an offshore bank account.

But before knowing the countries, you should first know what an offshore bank account is?

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What is an Offshore Bank Account?

Opening a bank account outside your residence country is called an offshore bank account.

For example, if you live in Australia and you are opening a bank account in Switzerland, then it will be known as an offshore bank account.

The offshore banking system brings a lot of cash flow in a country due to which most of the nations do not discourage it, but it also has some negative impacts.

Is Offshore Bank Account Legal or Illegal?

Most people usually don’t know whether the offshore bank account is legal or not. Well, it’s legal to open an offshore bank account if you are doing it under the law of your residence country.

But if you are hiding the source of the money, then it might be against your country law.

Six Best Countries For an Offshore Bank Account

Below are the six best countries that you can choose to operate an offshore bank account.

  • Switzerland
  • Cayman Islands
  • Singapore
  • Germany
  • Belize
  • Nevis

The detail about these countries that allow easy rules for offshore bank account is provided below.


Switzerland banking is well-known because of the quality services it provides.

The reason that we are adding Switzerland in the top list for opening an offshore bank account is that it offers a high level of security.

It is a privacy-oriented system that keeps the whole banking information protected.

Also, people get a great relief in taxes which is another reason for putting cash in the Switzerland banking system.

Wealthy individuals and other big corporations usually prefer opening their offshore bank accounts in Switzerland because of the easy and secure banking rules.

According to a report, the Switzerland banking system had an amount of around USD 7 trillion in 2018, and these numbers are increasing day by day.

Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands is another region that most people might think about while talking about the tax haven.

It provides great relief for taxpayers from all over the world.

Also, the Cayman Islands is trying to minimize the tax as much as possible so that more people desire to open an offshore bank account in the region.

Not only lower tax rates but another great thing about the Cayman Islands is that it keeps the privacy of an account holder protected.

It keeps the account information confidential due to which the international reputation of the region in terms of offshore banking has increased over time.


If you want to keep a lot of money in your offshore bank account and don’t want to pay much tax, then try opening an account in Singapore.

It is much easier to start an offshore bank account in Singapore in contrast to many other countries.

The best thing is that you don’t even need to travel to Singapore to open an offshore bank account because even after staying at your home, you can do the work.

However, you will only require sending the desired information to the bank to open your account in Singapore, which is fairly easy.


Germany is among the top names when it comes to the safest place for an offshore bank account.

It offers great financial stability and does not have strict rules, unlike other countries.

Also, the safety protocols of the German banks are higher.

The services that you will get on opening an offshore bank account in Germany is far better than many other countries.

Users can get easy access to German offshore bank accounts, which is why most wealthy people prefer it.

In addition, you don’t need to pay a hefty cost to open an offshore bank account in Germany, which is another reason to choose it.


Belize banks are another option that people might want to select to open an offshore bank account.

Such a banking system provides the best protection and investment plan. Because of the protection and investment plans, people love to open an offshore bank account in Belize.

The banking system of the country is carefully managed, and it makes sure to keep the privacy of the person protected.

Furthermore, most of the banks in Belize offer online portals to manage the offshore bank account.

The online portals will help you in handling your account from anywhere in the world. The best thing is that the online portal service is available 24/7.


Nevis is another good option for people who are interested in opening an offshore bank account.

It provides a quality offshore banking service at a much lower cost. The standards of the banking service in Nevis are quite high.

It keeps the information protected due to which many wealthy people favor opening an offshore bank account in Nevis.

Basic Requirements For An Offshore Bank Account

Some of the necessary specifications that you will need to start your offshore bank account in the desired country are given below.

  • Personal Information
  • Verification
  • Additional Verification Documents
  • Financial Reference Documents

Below we have explained in detail about all these requirements.

Personal Information

Firstly, you will need to provide your personal information to the bank.

Almost all banks demand similar information which is easy to provide.

 You may require providing the name, address, citizenship, occupation and a few other things as your personal information.


Once you have provided your personal information, now you will need to verify it.

If you have delivered the correct information, then verification will be easy for you.

For verification, most of the banks demand passports, driving licenses and a few other documents distributed by the government.

Additional Verification Documents

Some of the banks demand additional verification documents to open an offshore bank account.

The bank usually asks for additional documents to prevent tax frauds and money laundering issues.

However, most of the offshore banks do not require any additional verification documents.

Financial Reference Documents

Some of the banks further request the financial reference documents from your local banks, but in most of the banks, you will not have to provide any such details.

Most offshore banks try to reduce the hassle of opening an account. Less hassle means that more people will like to keep their cash in the banks.


In terms of opening an offshore bank account, there are many countries available.

However, in this article, we have only listed the top six states with the best rules for an offshore bank account.

All the mentioned countries protect the privacy of the account holder and have less strict rules.

Further, offshore bank account holders can enjoy a great tax relief after opening an account in these countries.

Keep it in mind that each state may have slightly different rules regarding the offshore bank account.

Make sure to be familiar with all such rules so that you don’t have to deal with any issue after opening your offshore bank account.

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University Online Courses In 2020


University education is important and a lot of people work hard so that they are able to obtain certification in a given discipline from a reputable university. This type of tertiary education goes a long way in helping you land your dream job and advance in life.

While in the past you had to take your course by physically going to the university and sitting through an entire class, today, you have the option of taking the course from the comfort of your home or wherever you are. That’s because a number of reputable universities nowadays offer online courses.

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Source: https://blog.edx.org

Here are a number of things you need to know about university online courses.

What are university online courses?

University online courses refer to a series of classes that are offered to students over the internet or in an online kind of learning environment.

For this type of courses, different objectives, lecture notes, the instruction materials and exams are accessed by the students through the internet. All their interaction with the lecturer is done online via chat rooms, email and threaded discussions.

What makes great university online courses?

Here are some things that make university online courses great and successful:

Great university online courses have quality content

For a university online course to deliver what it promises to, it needs to offer high quality content. This high quality content will make you want to learn more every day. Without this, the online courses will just be bland and will feel like another chore which makes it even harder for you to remember what you learnt.

The best university online courses contain content that any expert in the field would highly recommend.

Great university online courses allow for self direction

University online courses work best when they allow the students to make their own decisions. This autonomy makes them even more responsible when it comes to their education as they are not micromanaged.

It’s great, as the instructor, to follow up with email sequences alongside the course work so that any roadblocks faced by the students are addressed and the lecturer also gets feedback on how the students are fairing.

Great university online courses incorporate use of multimedia

University online courses are not just limited to textbooks but can also incorporate other great ways of keeping the students engaged while they get the information they need.

University online courses that use means such as podcasts, videos, mobile apps, and interactive web pages make learning more enjoyable for their students. People have different ways of learning so integrating different mediums helps but it should be done purposefully.

Great university online courses create a community for students

One of the things students enjoy in a regular classroom is the existing interaction between the students and the teachers and the interaction with their peers. University online courses lack these if they’re not properly planned as the students feel isolated.

For university online courses to be great, they need to create a community through ways such as message boards that are not necessarily related to classwork, whereby students can chat and even seek guidance if they have questions or problems.

Great university online courses have correct pacing

For university online courses to succeed in their aim, they need to be finely tuned so that the students taking them are not overwhelmed and don’t get bored.

The information should be broken down into various sizes of lessons that can easily be understood. Projects and assignments should have reasonable completion deadlines so that students do not feel stressed or anxious.

Great university courses offer intuitive navigation

University online courses that are easy to navigate usually have the best success rate. A course may be great but if it’s difficult for students to understand its layout to an extent of having to contact the support team so that they can find a way through, they won’t do well in it. At least not easily.

All the required information should, therefore, be readily available.

Benefits of university online courses

  • They are very convenient and offer flexibility as they can be accessed from any part of the world through the internet
  • Through university online courses, you get more personalized and individual attention
  • University online courses allow you to meet and network with interesting people in your field of study
  • Through university online courses you get to save on costs that would have been incurred in commuting to a physical class including fuel, maintenance, among others.
  • University online courses teach you to be more self-disciplined  and promote life-long learning

Most popular university online courses

Here are some of the most popular university online courses you could take:

Business Administration

Areas of study

  • Communication
  • Financial management
  • Business ethics
  • Strategic planning
  • Organizational leadership

The most popular university online course is business administration.

This is because the business world is expanding and there is a need for more people to learn the skills of running different businesses. The business marketplace has also been benefitting so much from the internet in many different ways and it only made sense to start offering education on the same via the internet.

With this university online course, you will no longer be subjected to the traditional education barriers or requirements like living near the university, or working around the class schedule but will still get comprehensive university education.

Some of the coursework you will cover in this university online course include financial management, strategic planning, financial management, organizational leadership and business ethics, among many others.


Areas of study

  • Neuroscience
  • Personality theory
  • Human development
  • Psychotherapy
  • Memory and cognition

Studying psychology makes you better placed to work in a variety of fields. Psychology is a growing field of study and is needed by different business and human service areas. This is why it’s one of the most popular university online courses.

Some of the areas of study include human development, neuroscience, memory and cognition, abnormal behavior, among others.

This university online course is available during great times as psychology has been ranked one of the fastest growing occupations. It’s great that you can get this course with more convenience.

Even as an online course, you will still get a comprehensive understanding of human behavior, their hopes and fears and earn your degree.


Areas of study

  • Mathematics education
  • Science education
  • Language and literacy
  • History and social studies
  • Critical studies

Education is ranked among the top majors that bring about significant change in the world.

A university online course in education involves learning how to motivate students, engage with them, assess their achievements, and solve problems within a classroom setting.

You can earn your degree online and even proceed to getting a masters degree in the same way. Some of the areas of study include mathematics and education, science education, language and literacy, among others.

Which university online courses should you choose?

Many universities offer great online courses and the three above are just some among many.

While choosing university online courses, ensure you look at the university’s reputation, the areas of study of the course and consider your interest and passion so that you’re able to pick the right one for you.

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Best Interior Design Online Courses 2020


We live in a digital world whereby so much can be done with just the use of a key on your computer or a click using your mouse. That’s the case even with education as the world has incorporated the use of the internet in learning, something that was once unheard of.

Many educational institutions nowadays offer courses online and one of the popular courses you can take is interior design. That’s right!

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Source: https://www.careertoolkit.com

While it seems difficult to do the practical part, interior design online courses are today very readily available and here’s more for you:

What are interior design online courses?

An online course refers to the delivery of different lessons in a series over a web browser or mobile device that can be accessed regardless of the student’s location and at any time.

Interior design online courses are therefore different lessons in interior design that are offered to students over a web browser or a mobile device.

What are the benefits of interior design online courses?

Interior design online courses have a number of advantages including:

Interior design online courses offer flexibility

When you take interior design online courses you are able to juggle easily between your career or other things that interest you and school since the courses are not tied down to a schedule that’s fixed.

In a normal interior design course, you would have to attend the classes at set times meaning you would have to work around that scheduled time. A lot of people therefore choose interior design online courses because they have other commitments.

Interior design online courses help in reducing costs

Getting your interior design online classes online can help you significantly cut down costs in a number of ways. For example, since you will not need to commute to your interior design classes, you could save on transport costs, parking, fuel, car maintenance and so much more.

Interior design online classes allow you to network

Should you decide to take interior design online classes, you will be better placed to network with others who are doing the same from around the world. This opens you up to more opportunities and collaborations in the interior design field

Interior design online courses increase your time with the instructor

In conventional classrooms, interior design students might miss out on the opportunity to get more personalized or individual attention from the lecturer taking them through the course especially because there are a number of students in the class.

However, with guided interior design online courses, you will not experience this as the students usually conduct their discussions directly with the lecturer. They also get to enjoy personal talk time with their lecturers thus increasing their skills when it comes to both communication and problem solving.

Interior design courses give you access to expertise

Taking interior design online courses gives you access to specialized courses that you probably wouldn’t have had access to if you were in a regular class. It also allows for the sharing of expertise meaning you get even more education.

Interior design online classes allow you to safely store documentation

With interior design online courses, you will be able to store things such as training materials, emails and live discussion documents online. This makes them easy to reach whenever something needs to be clarified. Accessing them is also very fast and will save you plenty of time.

What are the disadvantages of interior design online courses?

While they do have many advantages, interior design online courses also have their drawbacks which include:

  • With interior design online courses you will find yourself using up more time in completing assignments or in studying than you would in a regular class
  • It makes procrastination easier as no one checks whether or not you’re in attendance
  • Interior design online courses put the responsibility of learning the ins and outs of interior design solely on you
  • Interior design online courses deprive you of the opportunity to physically interact and work with your interior design peers and this could sometimes slow down learning

What are some of the best interior design online courses?

There are so many interior design courses online. They include:

MIT OpenCourseWare: Principles of design


  • Teaches the history of design
  • Teaches about presentation
  • Teaches about lighting
  • Does not come with a certificate
  • It’s a free course

MIT is one of the most prestigious universities in the world which is why it’s so great that it offers interior design online courses.

This one in particular, is a free interior design online course that focuses primarily in the principles of interior design.

It’s highly recommended to people who may have the desire to polish up their knowledge of basic design. Through this course, you’ll get to learn about the history of design, lighting, presentation and so much more.

It offers the learner some very valuable interior design knowledge. Note, however, that it does not come with a completion certificate.

Kelly Wearstler Teaches Interior Design (Masterclass)


  • Teaches about aesthetics
  • Teaches techniques for selecting tones
  • Teaches texture-selection techniques
  • Involves field trips
  • Teaches how to furnish different spaces

This is another great interior design online course by award-winning designer Ms.Kelly Wearstler.

This is one of the interior design online course MasterClasses that enable students to benefit from the expertise of a renowned professional.

She uses interactive videos teach her students. Through them, you get to learn and understand the different techniques required to choose the right tones, select great colors for a given space, choose great backgrounds and also textures.

Her interior design online course also incorporates field trips so that you get an even deeper understanding of how to transform different spaces.

DecoratingStudio: Design Fundamentals


  • No registration required
  • Teaches on how to choose color schemes
  • Teaches on furniture selection
  • Contains basic exercises in each section
  • It’s a free course

Next on the list of interior design online courses you can take is the DecoratingStudio Design Fundamentals course that’s also a free one.

It entails some amazing content on how to go about decorating your own home and even other people’s.

This interior design online course also has some text-based courses and image ones that you can access without having to complete a registration process.

From it you can learn how to choose the right color scheme for your house, how to pick the right furniture, and so much more.

The best part about this interior design online course is that after every section of the course, you get some related basic exercises that will help you in understanding the content better.

Which ones are better, free or paid interior design online courses?

Well, we can say it depends with exactly what you’re after. The free ones might not be as comprehensive as paid ones in some cases and may sometimes not offer you a certificate but they are definitely worth taking because they also give you the basics.

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Data Analysis: Why you Need to Learn It And The Types You Should Know


For any business to succeed, it’s important for the owner to regularly conduct data analysis. When you use this data in an effective way, you will be able to understand how the business performed in the past, how it’s performing in the present, and you’ll also be able to make solid and sound plans for the future. That’s why it’s highly advisable to take data analysis courses whenever you get the chance to as it will enlighten you more on how to go about this.

In this article, we discuss reasons why you should consider data analysis courses and some of the important things you need to know about data analysis in business.

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Source: https://www.import.io

What is data analysis?

Data analysis refers to the process whereby statistical and logical techniques are systematically applied in the description, illustration, condensing, recapping and the evaluation of data.

It can also be described as the process whereby data is collected and organized so that one can draw meaningful and helpful conclusions from it. The process involves the use of analytical and logical reasoning to get reasonable information from the collected data.

Why should you take data analysis courses?

Data analysis courses come highly recommended because today’s world highly relies on the data we get. Here are more reasons why you should enroll in data analysis courses:

There is high demand for data analysis professionals

In today’s world, technology experts who have data analysis experience are in very high demand. This is because many different organizations are trying their best to make use of big data as they have discovered the power of data when it comes to business growth. Taking the course will, therefore, make you very marketable.

Data analysis courses prepare you for big salaries in future

Data analysis helps companies grow and with this growth comes huge salaries. Taking a data analysis course, therefore, makes you better placed to grow financially much faster.

A data analysis course allows for multiple specialisation

When you take a data analysis course, you have the option of specializing in multiple areas depending on your individual competences. Examples include marketing analysis, financial analysis, sales analysis, operations analysis, just to mention a few. The data analysis courses, therefore, prepare you for a more exciting work environment and work life.

A data analysis course makes you prepared to make a bigger difference

Aside from the course preparing you for bigger paychecks and high positions in future, it prepares you to make a big impact to organizations.

Realize you’ll be helping these organizations achieve their visions, missions and objectives as data is the world’s holy grail nowadays. Through this data analysis, you’ll be able to help companies find their true calling.

Why is data analysis importance for a business?

We have mentioned that data analysis is helpful in the business world and here are some specific reasons why:

Data analysis facilitates better targeting

When you use data analysis, you can establish the forms of advertising that will effectively reach your customers and make an impact so that they end up purchasing and consuming your products or services.

Data makes it easier for you as a business owner to understand the advertising methods that are best for your business and how possible it is for you to adopt this advertising method. You will realize the costs you will incur in the process and how the returns of your investment in this advertising will be.

Data analysis helps you understand your customers

With data analysis, you can easily check how your products are performing in the market. The moment you understand which products your target market prefers, you’ll be better placed to determine the areas in which you will focus on most and for which type of customers.

Data analysis enables you to understand the consumer’s spending habits, and their different tastes. This information helps you in the pricing of goods.

Data analysis helps cut down operation costs

Data analysis helps you understand those sectors in your business that might be using up finances unnecessarily and those areas that are in need of more finances.

When you have this knowledge, you can cut the amount of money that goes out by significantly reducing the business’ operational cost and the cost of production of goods.

Data analysis therefore makes everything precise meaning you will avoid filler activities that add no value.

Data analysis can solve business problems and make better decisions

If you’re running a business, you understand that any problem can stop the operations in it and bring you losses.

Data analysis goes a long way in helping you make sound decisions on how to run your business and will give you the necessary information on any malfunctions and how to avoid other operational problems.

Data analysis facilitates new innovation

Thanks to data analysis, you as a business can get an idea of future trends in the behavior of the consumers you are interested in.

You will, therefore, be able to make your products more futuristic and invent more that will be welcomed in the future by your target customers. This will give you a competitive edge in that industry you’re in.

For data analysis to be conducted, data needs to be collected. Here are some methods of data collection

Methods of data collection

Whenever you take a data analysis course, you are exposed to the following methods of data collection:

  • Surveys
  • Literature
  • Interviews
  • Observation
  • Experiments
  • Documents and records

Types of data analysis

There are different types of data analysis that you can learn from a data analysis course. They include:

Descriptive analysis


  • Tracking KPI dashboards
  • Conducting overviews of sales leads
  • Reporting on the business’ monthly revenue

This is the most common type of data analysis and also the simplest. It is used by many businesses as it answers the question, “what happened?”

This data analysis method does this by summarizing the data from the past in dashboard form.

This data analysis type is used to track Key Performance Indicators, mostly known as KPIs. These determine how well or how poorly a business is performing based on certain benchmarks.

Diagnostic analysis


  • Investigating cause of delays in a company’s production
  • Establishing which marketing activities worked for the company
  • Establishing why targets were not reached
  • Establishing why revenues went high or dropped

This type of data analysis is next once you have already established what exactly happened.  It asks the question, “why did it happen?”

The diagnostic type of data analysis makes use of all the insights you gathered from the descriptive data analysis type and finds the causes of those results.

You can use this type of data analysis to establish more connections between the data you have collected and to identify the behavior patterns

This data analysis type creates more detailed information that helps even when new problems come up because it means you already have some kind of data pertaining to that particular issue. That way, you will not have to repeat work as all the problems are somehow interconnected.

Predictive data analysis


  • Risk assessment
  • Forecasting sales
  • Analyzing customer success teams
  • Determining the leads that will most likely convert

This type of data analysis is all about answering the question, “what next?”or “what is likely to happen?”

It simply makes logical predictions for the future using data from the past.

Statistical modeling is the basis for this type of data analysis which requires manpower and added technology to forecast. This forecast is normally an estimate because the accuracy of any prediction is dependent on the quality and detailed data.

It’s with this data analysis type that some businesses find difficulty because they don’t have the manpower to implement this type of data analysis in all the areas that they desire.

They are sometimes unable to invest in predictive analysis teams in all the departments or are not ready to educate the current teams they have.

Prescriptive data analysis


  • Determining the best marketing method to use
  • Determining whether to expand or downsize
  • Allocation of funds

This data analysis type is the most sought after by businesses but very few of them are well equipped to carry it out.

Prescriptive data analysis combines insights from the other three and determines how best to move forward from an existing problem.

This type of data analysis incorporates the use of state-of-the-art technology and data observation and practices. It’s a huge commitment that requires businesses to be very ready to allocate both effort and resources to.

What’s the most important type of data analysis?

As can be seen, all the four methods are important as they give a different outcome required by the business in order to move forward.

For you to learn all these types of data analysis, you need to take data analysis courses. Various universities and colleges offer them nowadays and all you need to do is sign up and start your journey to becoming a data analysis professional.

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Car Cleaning and Products You Can Use For Cleaning


Many people spend a lot of time in their cars and as a result, the interior could get dirty overtime or even cluttered. While keeping your car clean seems like an obvious thing to many, some may not realize just how important it is to get car cleaning done in the right way and with the right products.

Here’s more on car cleaning and why you should do it often.

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Source: wash4sure.com

What does car cleaning involve?

Car cleaning involves a process of vacuuming, cleaning using chemical products, wiping the car and polishing it. This means you need:

  • A great vacuum cleaner especially for cleaning carpets and nooks
  • Some chemical products to clean plastic, upholstery, vinyl, e.t.c
  • Some wiping and polishing supplies to ensure the end result of your work is detailed
  • Some different size brushes and applicators to clean away dust from the air vents and other places that are hard to reach

Benefits of car cleaning

Car cleaning is great for your car in many ways. They include:

Car cleaning preserves the car’s paint

Car cleaning includes washing and waxing, something that many people consider a luxury. It’s very necessary to get these services through car cleaning because they help maintain the exterior of the car.

It’s natural for your car to depreciate with time, however, you can prolong its life so that it maintains its great appearance for a longer period just through car cleaning.

When your car is exposed to dirt for a longer period, both the paint and metal will be eaten away.

Car cleaning makes your car safer

Keeping your car clean to a great extent reduces your chances of getting into an accident. “How?” you may ask. Well, a lot of accidents happen because of dirty windows that affect the driver’s visibility.

In case you haven’t noticed it yet, your car has a lot of blind spots. Allowing dirt to get there and build up can significantly affect your ability as a driver to see properly.

Car cleaning will reduce repair costs

Whenever your car is filthy, it leads to destruction of some parts and as mentioned, the paint. Repairing all these can be quite costly which is why you need to clean your car regularly. It eliminates the need for such expenses which in the long run hurt the car’s overall value.

Car cleaning is healthy for you

We should keep our surroundings clean and that includes the interior of our cars. A lot of people let theirs get far too dirty which is very unhealthy as it could lead to a build-up of bacteria on areas such as steering wheels, your dashboard, and upholstery.

Car cleaning gives you a good reputation

Having your car cleaned regularly generally makes you happy and makes others feel good about being around you.

How you keep your car usually says a lot about the kind of person you are so a clean car says you are generally a clean and neat individual.

What are some great car cleaning tips

  • Always clear out the trash before you start vacuuming
  • You should pull out the mats from your car and shake them well to make vacuuming easier
  • Vacuum all the seats that’s the ones on the front and the back
  • Wipe your windows with a window cleaner
  • Use equal parts vinegar and water to eliminate stains on your seat

What are some great car cleaning products to buy?

You need a variety of products in order to clean your car. Here are some great ones you could buy.

Hotor corded car vacuum cleaner


  • Low noise
  • Strong suction
  • Lightweight
  • Very versatile
  • Well-equipped attachment

This Hotor corded car vacuum cleaner is a great device for car cleaning.

It helps vacuum your car seats and gets to all the nooks of your car. It’s one of the best car cleaning devices you can get out there because of the powerful suction.

This car cleaning device has a HEPA filter and comes with a number of other attachments. It also has LED lighting to help you see dark corners in your car properly.

It has a power cord 16.4 foot long that plugs into the 12V outlet of your car. This car cleaning device also has a tube attachment that reaches the car’s awkward areas.

CarGuys Premium Services Wheel Cleaner


  • PH neutral formula is enhanced
  • 100% safe for different rims
  • Great for metals and tires
  • Environmentally friendly

Next on our best car cleaning products is the CarGuys Premium Services Wheel Cleaner.

The CarGuys Premium Services Wheel Cleaner is a great car cleaning product that easily cleans out dust and grime from your car’s wheels, tires, and calipers.

This car cleaning product is safe for different types of materials such as alloy, chrome, aluminum, and many others so your car is safe whenever you’re using it.

It removes tire dressings, exhaust tips, and white wall tires. It’s also environmentally friendly as it is acid-free and non-toxic. This car cleaning product, therefore, causes no damage to your vehicle.

Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Mix


  • The finish repels water droplets
  • Protects from UV rays
  • Doesn’t leave any residue
  • Could leave a haze when you wipe it off
  • Hard to pour the right amount

The third on our car cleaning must-haves is the Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Mix.

It protects your car from any kind of environmental damage while making it look all new and sparkly. It gives your car the right kind of shine.

This car cleaning supply is so easy to apply because of its thin film technology. You can apply the wax using your hands or you could go for a dual action polisher.

The car cleaning wax leaves no white residue on the plastic parts of your car. It also has a great ability to repel different messes on the road such as dirt and mud. For best results with it, you need to apply your wax after properly washing your car.

Our verdict

As to which of these three products is the most important to have while car cleaning, we say all. That’s because all these products serve a different purpose in your car cleaning process so we advise that you get all of them.

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Car Lease: What’s the best one for you?


Have you been dreaming of owning a car but lack the finances to pay for it completely? Well, it’s a common problem especially for car lovers who might often have the desire to upgrade once in a while.

You’ll be glad to hear that there’s a great option for you, car leasing.

A car lease allows you to drive a great car for less and much sooner. In this article, we discuss the benefits, drawbacks, and types of car leases available for you.

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Source: https://www.bmmagazine.co.uk

What is a car lease?

A car lease refers to auto financing whereby you can rent a car from a given dealership for a certain period and number of miles.

Normally, you are required to make the car lease payments every month so that the dealer allows you to continue driving the vehicle.

When your car lease comes to an end,  you have the option of returning the vehicle you’ve been using to the dealership or buying out your lease altogether if you have decided you want to keep it in case your lease gives you that option.

Why should I get a car lease?

There are many benefits of getting a car lease. They include:

You pay less every month with a car lease

Compared to buying a car, you will pay less money every month. That means you will be able to drive a vehicle around that you might have not been able to afford in case you considered buying.

A car lease means low maintenance and you don’t have to pay for repairs

Usually, the vehicle’s manufacturer has a bumper to bumper warranty which you can enjoy if you lease the car for only 36 months or a shorter period.

As such, no need to worry about repairs and sometimes, if you’re lucky, the manufacturer of the car will offer you free car maintenance for the first few years.

When you’ve used the car you won’t experience selling hassles

Once your car lease comes to an end, all you have to do is return the car to the company that leased it to you. The value of the car is none of your concern at this point so you do not have to worry about selling the used car.

In some cases, the value of the car is overestimated by the leasing company. That means you pay less for the lease and the loss falls on the leasing company.

A car lease helps you enjoy tax benefits

In case you decide to use your leased car for business, you can always write off your lease payment as a tax deduction.

Even if you don’t intend to use it for business, you will find that most of the time, you’re only taxed on the usage part of your lease so no taxes on the vehicle’s full price.

A car lease lets you drive the latest cars

If you’re a car lover, you will be happy to know that you can drive a new type of car, the latest models even. This enables you to enjoy the newest advancements in the automobile sector.

What are some of the drawbacks of a car lease?

While getting a car lease has many benefits, it also has some drawbacks. They include:

A car lease becomes expensive in the long run

Leasing a car means just paying for its usage for about two to three years after which you have to return it, lease another one or buy yourself a car.

This means you will still need to keep paying off monthly fees which you could have avoided if you just bought the car and finished off the loan payments.

Car leases only give limited mileage

Whenever you get a car lease, you are mostly limited to between ten thousand to fifteen thousand miles in a year.

Should you go beyond the set mileage, you will have to pay a penalty.

It comes with a high insurance cost

It might not seem like it but leasing a car could be more expensive in terms of insurance payments.

Many leasing companies around will want you to obtain higher insurance covers on vehicles, which would mean higher insurance payments compared to those of a bought cars.

It’s hard to cancel a car lease

Signing a car lease is a deal that takes a process to do. As a result, walking away from the lease is also difficult and comes with very tight penalties.

If you chose to just buy a car, you could easily sell it if you no longer want. For a car lease, it’s almost impossible to end the deal in most cases.

A car lease requires one to have good credit

In case your credit is questionable then you are not a good car lease candidate. That’s because the financial costs during leases are usually higher compared to financing of a loan. That’s because you are not required to pay any principals.

A lot of the leasing companies will want you to have some good credit and be financially stable.

Types of car leases

There are different types of leases namely:

Closed-end car lease


  • The leasing company is in charge of financial risks
  • Available to private customers
  • Flexible
  • Low financial risk
  • Lower monthly payments

A close-end car lease is often the only car lease available for private customers. For this, the leasing company will be responsible for all the financial risks that come from the car lease.

You get a preset residual value at the start of the car lease meaning when the time comes for you to return the car, that’s all that will be required of you. No need to worry about the car’s market value.

That explains why it’s the type that makes the most sense to customers as it’s very flexible and has a lower financial risk.

Monthly payments for this car lease type are also lower because of the high residual value.

Open-end car lease


  • Lessee is financially responsible for risk at the end of the lease
  • Lower residual value
  • Higher monthly payments
  • More mileage allowances
  • Better for businesses or fleets

An open-ended car lease is very common for businesses compared to private owners or consumers.

For this, the lessee is required to handle the finances for the risks once the leasing period is over. Here, the vehicle’s market value will be carefully assessed as lower than what was agreed upon in the initial car lease agreement, meaning the lessee covers the difference.

These car lease types have a lower residual value and higher monthly payment requirements.

They give you more mileage coverage and are therefore a great option if you’re leasing out your car with business in mind.

Our verdict

If you’re a regular driver with no intentions of using your lease for business, it’s better to go for a close-end car lease. However, if you are leasing your car for business purposes, an open-end lease will work best for you. That’s especially if the vehicle will be part of those the company uses and will be driven by more people for those long distances.

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The 15 Countries Where You Can Go To College For Free


Proper education and the experience of learning plays a very vital role in our lives. Education acts as a very important pillar to an overall better future. Going to college is an equally important step for everyone’s educational betterment. We all yearn for free college but that is rarely attainable. College is unthinkably expensive in various parts of the world. However, fortunately, there are some countries where the college bills are apparently paid by the taxpayers for students trying to acquire college degrees. Majority of these countries are located on the continent of Europe where the tax rate is higher. If free college is vital to you, you should consider one of the countries listed below:

1. Denmark

Source: kitangry com

Denmark is said to be among the top countries offering free Colleges and Universities. Some of the top rated and best Colleges and Universities in Denmark are: the University of Copenhagen which ranked #82 in Times Higher Education World Ranking in 2015;  University which ranked #106; Technical University of Denmark ranked at #167; Aalborg University earned #201-250 rank; Copenhagen Business School also earned #201-250 rank and lastly, the University of Southern Denmark ranked between #301-350. Denmark is one of the best contenders offering free college with terrific Colleges and Universities.

2. Norway

Source: mbahelp24.com/

Norway has terribly harsh winters and one of the most expensive costs of living. If you think yourself to be daring enough to battle these two factors, you might want to consider Norway. Tuition is absolutely zero at public universities which will provide you with the opportunity to attain your college degree from top-ranked institutions. Norway has a whopping number of 40 public higher education institutions. Some of the top-ranked institutions are: the University of Oslo, University of Bergen, NHH Norwegian School of Business, Nord University, UIT arctic University of Norway etc.

3. Finland

Source: goodnewsfinland.com/

Public universities located in Finland are divided into two parts: Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences. They are all free of tuition charges for students coming from EU/EEA countries. Until very recently, citizens, as well as international students, paid zero tuition fees at public universities. However, from 2017, students willing to earn degrees in English need to pay approximately $1500 or more depending on the level and type of degree. Doctoral, Finnish or Swedish degrees are still free of cost. The government also kindly offers scholarships and financial aid to international students with excellent educational backgrounds.

4. Germany

Source: topuniversities.com

Germany offers free education for undergraduate as well as graduate students. Students from all over the world, belonging to any nationalities, can obtain free education here. The only mentionable charges are called “administrative fees” which is dedicated to student services and student welfare. The fee amounts to anywhere between 100-200 EUR. However, in light of new education policies, from the year 2017, students from non-EU/EEA countries will have to pay tuition fees to study in the Baden-Wurrtenberg region. Some tuition-free universities of Germany are: the University of Cologne, University of Mannheim, University of Stuttgart, RWTH Aachen University etc.

5. Estonia

Source: investineston.com

Since 2012/2013, higher education is free of tuition fees in Estonia for students studying full time and in Estonian. Students from weaker financial backgrounds can apply for student allowances as well. The amount ranges from 75-220 EUR per month if they are studying full time and completing at least 75% of the curriculum. Students who started their full-time education before 2012/2013 are also qualified to apply for student allowances about 55.93 EUR per month. Some of the best Estonian institutions are: Tallinn University, Tallinn University of Technology, University of Tartu etc.

6. Slovakia

Source: midamericauniversities.org

Slovakia offers free higher education for students within the European Union. Otherwise, students might need to pay between USD 2500-6500 per academic year.  The main teaching language in Slovakia is still Slovak but recently, many institutions offer courses in English as well. If you do get a chance to study in Slovakia for free, you will not be guaranteed a place in the dormitory.  Living expenses will be yours to bear. Some of the best Slovakian institutions include: the University of Economics in Bratislava, the University of Technology in Bratislava, Comenius University in Bratislava etc.

7. Slovenia

Source: modeler3d.com

Slovenia is among the countries where the education system is almost fully funded from the state budget and a tiny share is financed by the municipality. Students belonging to the European Union Member States can enroll in the universities in the same way as Slovenian students. For public higher education institutions, EU students need to pay tuition fees for part-time education but full-time education is absolutely free. The best university of Slovenia is the University of Ljubljana.

8. Sweden

Source: ishraqfataftah.wordpress.com

Colleges and universities in Sweden are absolutely free. They do not charge any tuition fees at all. However, day to day expenses in Sweden are not free. Accommodation is not provided by Swedish education facilities. You have to pay a hefty sum as rent and for food. Costs of day to day life in Sweden is very expensive. In fact, Stockholm often ranks as one of the most expensive cities in the world. Averages of 85% of Swedish students end up with debt. That is a very concerning percentage. Keeping these factors in mind, if you still want to opt for Sweden for higher education, some of the best institutions are: Lund University, Stockholm University and the University of Gothenburg.

9. Turkey

Source: distancelearningportal.com

Turkey has almost 200 universities, most of which are state universities. Turkey offers almost free education to international students but students must sit for the International Student Exam and they have to provide outstanding academic qualifications and high ranks in TOEFL, IBT or IELTS results in English. Due to high standards of education, the entrance to top-level universities is very competitive. Most students are advised to visit Turkey beforehand to prepare for the special examination. Some of the oldest universities in Turkey are: Ankara University, Istanbul Universities, and Istanbul Technical University.

10. France

Source: eduka.com

Previously, students needed to be able to speak French to be eligible to enroll in a university in France. Nowadays, many programs in both private and public universities are offered in English. Students attending public universities need to pay only a few hundred dollars annually, which is a negligible amount. Over the past few years, education policies in France have changed and some students need to pay tuition fees according to their family income. Top institutions in France are: Université de Strasbourg, Université de Lorraine, Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 etc.

11. Austria

Source: thetimesbusiness.com

Education is free for students from EU/EEA Union. Absolutely zero admission and tuition fees. Students who aren’t from EU/EEA have to pay very nominal tuition fees which amounts to about 730 EUR. this amount is negligible compared to the cost of higher education in other countries worldwide. Austrian education facilities are funded by the state and hence offer free education for all. Thousands of students from all over the world visit Austria to get a great quality education in nominal prices. The best free universities are: Veinna university, University of Graz  University of Innsbruck, Anton Bruckner University, University of JOANNEUM, MCI Management Center Innsbruck, Medical University of Graz etc.

12. Czech Republic

Source: blog.foreigners.cz

Higher education is free for all in this lovely country irrespective of their nationalities. That is the law of the country. All you need to pay is the admission fees and additional course fees. However, you must know the local language of the country to acquire free education. But even if you want to study in English, the course fee is very nominal. The best universities are: Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague; Brno University of Technology, Palacky University, Charles University in Prague, Masaryk University, Silesian University in Opava etc.

13. Greece

Source: greece.greekreporter.com

Not only does this historically rich country offers nominal cost education, but it also offers low costs of living as well. Greece offers inexpensive higher education to all international students. It also offers a rich knowledge of history and a different culture altogether. EU students are required to pay zero tuition fees and non-EU students need to pay only about 1500 EUR per academic year as tuition fees. Some of the low tuition universities in Greece are: the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, University of Patras, National Technical University of Athens, University of Crete, University of the Aegean, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, University of Ioannina.

14. Spain

Source: villafrancavirtual.org

Like all other European countries, Spain also offers free higher education to EU/EEA students. However, it also offers very low-cost education to students outside EU. Day to day expenses in Spain is also relatively low. Public universities in the country of Spain are fully financially aided by the government or sponsors. Some of the cheapest universities are: the Autonomous University of Madrid, University of Valencia, University of Barcelona, University of Jaen etc.

15. Belgium

Source: businessinsider.com

Although tuition isn’t completely free in Belgium, international students need to pay very minimal fees to study in this country. The minimal fee isn’t bothersome at all because you get to experience a beautiful culture and learn from it. Belgium has an outstanding quality of education and hence, many students from all over the world are interested to study here. Some of the cheapest universities in Belgium are: University of Antwerp, Hasselt University, KU Leuven, Liege University, Ghent University etc.

31 Lowest Paying College Majors in the U.S.


If you haven’t decided yet which major should you chose we will tell you which ones you shouldn’t if salary matters. We’ve collected the ultimate list of the lowest salary majors in the U.S., and you will be surprised of the results. Let’s start with the highest from the top 31 lowest ones:

31. Broadcast Communication – $68,000 per year

low price collage majors us broadcast communication
Source: medium.com

This major earns a median earning of $68,000 per year. Students who take this major have the skills and knowledge to pursue a career in media platforms and traditional broadcast areas. It is a passion-based course, as most students who take the major already have the passion before venturing into it.

30. Zoology – $67,000 per year

low price collage majors us zoology
Source: twitter.com

This major earns a median earning of $67,000 per year. Students who take these major studies animals with and without backbones like worms, birds, fishes and even mammals. Work fields for this major include Zoo, conservation centers, research labs.

29. Secondary English Teacher Education – $63,000 per year

low price collage majors us secundary english teacher
Source: pinterest.cl

This major earns a median earning of $63,000 per year. Practicing this major also requires having a complete teacher training courses and merit teacher certification examinations. Students who take this major works mostly in secondary schools.

28. Behavioral Science – $56,000 per year

low price collage majors us behavioral science
Source: funnyjunk.com

This major earns a median earning of $56,000 per year. It is a very broad major that includes the study of human interactions and behavior. It is also a multi-disciplinary course that combines courses from social science, biology, and psychology.

27. Exercise Science – $54,000 per year

low price collage majors us exercise science
Source: cawep.net

This major earns a median earning of $54,000 per year. Students in this major learn about human movement through diverse studies in psychological, social and physical sciences. The graduate of this major work as master trainers in health and fitness centers.

26. Paralegal Studies – $54,000 per year

low price collage majors us zoology paralegal studies
Source: linkedin.com

This major earns a median earning of $54,000 per year. This course offers students the opportunity to work in law offices, governmental agency, and corporations. They are majorly delegated legal works that a lawyer is responsible for.

25. Horticulture – $53,000 per year

low price collage majors us horticulture
Source: loyalitistcollage.com

This major earns a median earning of $53,000 per year. This major teaches students how to beautify an environment with the aid flowers. Growth and maintenance of ornamental trees are also learned in this major.

24. Animal Science – $52,000 per year

low price collage majors us animal science
Source: aces.nmsu.edu

This major earns a median earning of $52,000 per year. A major in this course involves the study of animal biology and physiology. Graduates of this major mostly work in farms and ranches.

23. Child Development and Psychology – $52,000 per year

low price collage majors us child development
Source: howcast.com

This major earns a median earning of $52,000 per year. This course exposes students to the mental and emotional needs of children. Becoming a licensed counselor or therapist in this major requires a masters degree.

22. Culinary Art – $51,000 per year

low price collage majors us culinary arts
Source: asemooni.com

This major earns a median earning of $51,000 per year. This course teaches students all that should be learned about cooking and baking. Jobs is this major is highly competitive and demanding.

21. Technical Theatre – $51,000 per year

low price collage majors us technical theatre
Source: dobama.org

This major earns a median earning of $51,000 per year. Students are thought all that is needed in making a staged production. Area of a technicality in this major includes scenery lighting, costuming, properties and sound, all of which works in harmony in production to create mood, place and time period.

20. Graphics Design and Illustration – $50,000 per year

low price collage majors us graphic design illustrator
Source: ulapland.fi

This major earns a median earning of $50,000 per year. Students who study this major are trained to produce still drawings to be used in books, cards, newspapers, advertisements e.t.c. a degree in this major brings out the creativity in an individual.

19. Pastoral Ministry – $50,000 per year

low price collage majors us pastoral ministry
Source: pinterest.com

This major earns a median earning of $50,000 per year. It develops students to work in pastoral ministries or as a member of a church team. Basic roles of a pastor such as preaching, teaching, leading, pastoral care and church planting will be learned from this major.

18. Parks, Recreation and Leisure Studies – $49,000 per year

low price collage majors us recreation
Source: brocku.ca

This major earns a median earning of $49,000 per year. This major involves a combination of different classes in physical education, sports science, and business administration. Graduates of this major often work in recreational facilities like parks, spa or hotel management.

17. Youth Ministry – $48,000 per year

low price collage majors us youth studies
Source: ucc.org

This major earns a median earning of $48,000 per year. The major prepares students how to minister Christian philosophy and values to young ones. Expertise and administration skills can be developed the more at the master’s level.

16. Therapeutic Recreation – $47,000 per year

low price collage majors us therapeutic recreation
Source: nativeetc.com

This major earns a median earning of $47,000 per year. Students who take this major are thought how to provide treatments to people with disabilities and illnesses during recreational activities. People with a degree in this major mostly works in recreation and fitness centers.

15. Human Development and Family Studies – $45,000 per year

low price collage majors us human family studies
Source: linkedin.com

This major earns a median earning of $45,000 per year. The course teaches students how family and communities form. It is a very broad major that can further translate into different career choices like counseling, social work, program coordination amongst other related careers. Majority of students who studies this course choose to obtain a master’s degree for better pay.

14. Psychology – $42,000 per year

low price collage majors us psychology
Source: pinterst.fr

This major earns a median earning of $42,000 per year. This major teaches students how to better understand human emotions and nature. Jobs in this field as a graduate are mental health counselor, sales associate, and case managers.

13. Sociology – $42,000 per year

low price collage majors us sociology
Source: linkedin.com

This major earns a median earning of $42,000 per year. The major teaches students the scientific study of the society and also the pattern of social relations. Students who study this major works as account managers, HR assistant, and administrative assistant.

12. Biology – $41,000 per year

low price collage majors us biology
Source: shuttershock.com

This major earns a median earning of $41,000 per year. This major exposes students to the study of life and living organisms. Students who study this course works as a paramedic, lab assistant, and tutor after graduation.

11. Family and Consumer Science – $41,000 per year

low price collage majors us consumer science
Source: traderviet.com

This major earns a median earning of $41,000 per year. This major covers many parts of family life like the consumer behavior, nutrition and consuming behavior. Students who take this major works in government agencies, human or social science organizations and community centers.

10. Health and Medical Preparatory Programs – $40,000 per year

low price collage majors us medical preparatory
Source: linkedin.com

This major earns a median earning of $40,000 per year. The course is mostly offered by vocational schools and community colleges. The course exposes students to the medical field but not enough of what it takes to be a doctor.

9. Drama and Theater Arts – $40,000 per year

low price collage majors us theater arts
Source: theater.ucsc.edu

This major earns a median earning of $40,000 per year. These earnings are far less than what is being earned by actors and actresses in movies. Just a few percent of those who study this field hit it big financially.

8. Studio Arts – $40,000 per year

low price collage majors us studio arts
Source: pomona.edu

This major earns a median earning of $40,000 per year. Earnings in this major don’t even increase even with a graduate degree. The major in this course mostly experience a 3% increase in income with a graduate degree.

7. Communication-Disorders Science and Services – $40,000 per year

low price collage majors us communication disorders
Source: pinterest.com

This major earns a median earning of $40,000 per year. Students who study this major mostly works with people with the physical disorder, speech impairments, and cognitive disorders. Patients who suffer from Asperger’s and Tourette’s syndrome are also their clients.

6. Visual and Performing Arts – $40,000 per year

low price collage majors us performing arts
Source: mutu.com

This major earns a median earning of $40,000 per year. This course is mostly studied out of passion, and not for the money. There are at least three majors in this.

5. Social Work – $39,000 per year

low price collage majors us social work
Source: steemet.com

This major earns a median earning of $39,000 per year. This course prepares students for the study of human behavior and interaction. Graduates of this major works in mental health and social work fields.

4. Human Services and Community Organizations – $38,000 per year

low price collage majors us community organizations
Source: complex.com

This major earns a median earning of $38,000 per year. This jobs isn’t really about the pay, but more about giving back to the society. It takes passion and love to take up this course.

3. Theology and Religious Vocations – $38,000 per year

low price collage majors us Theology
Source: yaklai.com

This major earns a median earning of $38,000 per year. This course is more of religion. Students study the nature of God and his relationship with humans.

2. Early-Child Education – $36,000 per year

low price collage majors us early child education
Source: sohu.com

This major earns a median earning of $36,000 per year. This major is has wide racial and gender margins. Early-child education is majorly dominated bb women.

1. Counseling and Psychology – $29,000 per year

low price collage majors us counselling
Source: letu.edu

This major earns a median earning of $29,000 per year. Majors in psychology earn less than other majors but have opportunities in the field. The unfortunate news about psychology is that the field has an unemployment rate of about 16%.

20 Jobs With The Highest Salaries


In an ideal world, we’d be completely satisfied with our jobs. It would pay us well to do what we love. But, that is often not the case with the world we live in. Rarely do we get paid well to do the jobs we love. Therefore, we are often coerced into opting for high paying jobs even though we may not be completely satisfied with the work. Without beating around the bush, let’s focus on the topic at hand. Here are 20 jobs that pay the most. The list is based on reports released by US News’ World Report.

20. Optometrist

Mean annual salary: $113,010

Optometrist-David Bruce Jr./flickr.com

Optometrists are tasked with the difficult job of diagnosing and treating visual issues and eye conditions such as glaucoma. They also prescribe corrective lenses. In order to become a legal optometrist practitioner, one is required to have a bachelor’s degree and complete a four- year doctor of optometry program.

19. Business-operations manager

Mean annual salary: $117,200

Sebastiaan ter Burg/Flickr
Business-operations manager-Sebastiaan ter Burg/Flickr

What are they responsible for? Well, business-operations manager ensure the smooth functioning of a business. They are responsible for negotiating contracts, hiring new talents, making strategic decisions and leading effective teams. Business-operations manager operating in Bridgeport, Connecticut, New York City, and Trenton, New Jersey are reportedly paid higher than their contemporaries.

18. Pharmacist

Mean annual salary: $118,470


Pharmacists are pivotal in the healthcare industry and they are handsomely compensated for their expertise. Pharmacists fill prescriptions and educate patients on the potential side effects of their medications, teach them how to handle side effects, and monitor which prescriptions each patient is taking to prevent mixing incompatible drugs. On an average, pharmacists in the States make $118,470 annually.

17. Sales Manager

Mean Annual Salary: $126,040

WOCinTech Chat/flickr.com
Sales Manager-WOCinTech Chat/flickr.com

Sales managers often work in stress filled environment as they regularly have to deal with targets. Often based on performance, the job requires one to establish client relationships and sales territory, develop training for new hires, work on team strategies, and basically get his/ her company’s product into customers’ hands. Most sales managers either hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration.

16. Financial manager

Mean Annual Salary: $130,230

Financial manager-Getty Images.com

Financial managers advise and control the checkbook of their companies. They are responsible for overseeing the cash flow of projects, producing profit projections and coordinating accounting practices. This job is very technical and requires one to be very good with numbers. The average financial manager in the States makes $130,230 on a yearly basis.

15. Lawyer

Mean Annual Salary: $133,470


Becoming a lawyer isn’t an easy task at all. There are different specializations of lawyers. While some work at a private firm, others hold a public position as a district attorney. But, one thing they all have in common is their ability to invest long, committed hours in the office. According to the report, lawyers in and around San Jose, San Francisco and Los Angeles ostensibly earn more than their counterparts in other states.

14. Information-technology manager

Mean Annual Salary: $136,280

Information-technology manager-Vancouver Film School/Flickr.com

IT managers collectively earn a mean annual salary of $136,280. They are responsible for coordinating technology issues with top executives and protecting their offices from hackers and malware. They also supervise software and hardware upgrades. In this contemporary world where technology becomes increasingly integral in every business operations, IT managers are highly sought after.

13. Marketing Manager

Mean Annual Salary: $136, 280

Marketing Manager-WOCinTech Chat/flickr.com

Marketing managers are tasked with various operations including hiring new talent, making strategic plans to design work. They are responsible for influencing the level, timing, and composition of customer demand. Marketing managers working in San Jose, San Francisco and New York City are paid relatively higher than marketing managers working in other cities.

12. Podiatrist

Mean Annual Salary: $137, 480

Podiatrist-Heidi Jones/Getty Images.com

So, what do podiatrists do? Well, they specialize in feet and ankles. Basically, they treat conditions that range from ingrown toenails and bunions to fractures and sprains. In order to become a licensed podiatrist, one must complete a bachelor’s degree, must attend medical school, complete a three-year residency program and pass the American Podiatric Medical Licensing Exam. It takes a lot to become a podiatrist.

11. Prosthodontist

Mean Annual Salary: $142,830

Prosthodontist-mattlemmon via Compfight cc

Dental specialists who build oral prostheses that replace missing teeth are known as prosthodontists. They are responsible for the planning and restoration of implants, treatment of the temporomandibular joint disorder, and rehabilitation of occlusion. On an average, a prosthodontist makes around $142, 830 annually.

10. Nurse Anesthetist

Mean Annual Salary: $158,900

Nurse Anesthetist-bigstockphoto.com

Nurse Anesthetists assist doctors in performing painful procedures by administering anesthesia through intravenous drugs or inhaled gasses. Only nurses that have a minimum of one year of critical-care experience and a master’s degree from an accredited nurse-anesthesia program are legally allowed to perform the tasks of a nurse anesthetist. On an average, this occupation pays one $158,900 annually.

9. Dentist

Mean Annual Salary: $166,810

Dentist-Getty images.com

Dentists are responsible for maintaining the health of patients’ mouths, gums and teeth. They perform tasks such as diagnosing oral diseases, filling cavities, and extraction of teeth. Dentists that practice their services in places such as Lafayette, Indiana, Brownsville, Texas, and Wausau, Wisconsin reportedly earn highly than other dentists.

8. Pediatrician

Mean Annual Salary: $175,400

Pediatrician-Army Medicine/flickr

Pediatricians are responsible for advocating the best course of care for the physical and mental well-being of children. Pediatricians specialize in oncology, hematology, developmental behavior and psychiatry etc. Since they look after the well-being of infants and adolescents, they are paid relatively well. A pediatrician in the States has an average annual salary of $175, 400.

7. Psychiatrist

Mean Annual Salary: $182,700

U.S. Army/Flickr
Psychiatrist-U.S. Army/Flickr.com

A psychiatrist tends to the patients’ mental health. Patients suffering from complicated conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety are often brought into a psychiatrist office for treatment. On an average, a psychiatrist makes $182,700 yearly.

6. Physician

Mean Annual Salary: $190,530

Physician-Getty Images.com

The term “physician” encompasses everything from primary care doctors to gynecologists to cardiologists to dermatologists. A physician is concerned with promoting, maintaining, and restoring human health through the study, diagnosis, and treatment of disease, injury, and other physical and mental impairments. According to the study, most of the highest-paid physicians work in Florence, South Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia, and Medford, Oregon.

5. Orthodontist

Mean Annual Salary: $201,030


Orthodontists are specialized dentists that fix irregular bites and realign crooked teeth. They mostly use braces, retainers and other appliances to help construct beautiful smiles. The US News & World Report in 2016 revealed that Orthodontists earn around $201,030 on an average annually.

4. Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Mean Annual Salary: $214,750

Obstetrician and Gynecologist-Flickr via usnavy

Obstetricians and gynecologists are tasked with the job of maintaining women’s reproductive health. Obstetricians are responsible for delivering babies and monitoring mothers-to-be during the course of pregnancy while gynecologists focus on diagnosing and treating HPV and STDs. Gynecologists also help patients suffering from abnormal bleeding and help manage contraceptives. The job helps them earn an annual average salary of $214, 750.

3. Oral and maxillofacial surgeon

Mean Annual Salary: $219,600

Oral and maxillofacial surgeon-DoD News Features/flickr.com

These surgeons have to study an additional four years of surgical training after becoming dentists to perform surgical procedures on the mouth, jaw, and face. They are tasked with administering face-lifts and fixing cleft lips. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons can also diagnose cancer and administer anesthesia. On an average, they make $219,600 yearly.

2. Surgeon

Mean Annual Salary: $240,440

Surgeon-Phalinn Ooi/flickr.com

Surgeons have to undergo rigorous training to open up people’s bodies to correct injuries, diseases and deformities. In order to qualify as a surgeon, one must enroll in a surgical residency program which takes a minimum of five years after completing a bachelor’s degree and four years of medical school. Their services are highly valued and they earn an average salary of $240,440 annually.

1. Anesthesiologist

Mean Annual Salary: $246,320

Anesthesiologist-Getty Images.com

Anesthesiologists administer drugs that allow surgeons to perform painful, invasive procedures without discomforting the patients. The job of an anesthesiologist is the highest paid in the world, period. Anesthesiologists earn a cool $246,320 annually on an average and the highest-paid anesthesiologists provide their expertise in Detroit, Michigan, Wichita, Kansas, and Worchester, Massachusetts.