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5 Essential Items for Beard Care in the Winter

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The winter season can do some pretty gnarly things to your body hair. Your beard – your pride and joy – can become itchy and uncomfortable, so if the last thing on your mind is shaving it off, then you’ll want to keep your pockets full on these five beard care items.

Beard Oil

Keep your whiskers as soft as silk with a bottle of beard oil. This oil is enriched with nutrients that, during the winter, not only keep your beard hair smooth but also the skin underneath. This is especially important during the winter since the cold, frigid winds induce dryness. We recommend trying Jack Black Beard Oil with vitamin E and Kalahari melon oil.

Beard Balm

Beard balm delivers the same moisturizing benefits as oil, but they’re also made with natural butter and waxes that add weight and body for sculpting beard shapes. In the winter, a thick coat of beard balm that sits atop a thin layer of moisturizer will prevent hard gusts of cold air from penetrating your hairy shield and stinging the underlying skin. Try this can of Badger Beard Balm fortified with vitamins A, D, E, and F.

Beard Wash

Source: beardresource.com

Beard washes are crucial in daily beard-grooming rituals. There’s absolutely no point in applying balm into a greasy beard. At the end of the day, beard washes flush away residual oil, grime, and dirt that has accumulated in your facial hair throughout the day. Here’s the Scotch Porter beard wash with moisturizer.

Beard Comb

Some beard aficionados may consider beard combs an unnecessary piece of equipment, but without one, you can skip your grooming ritual altogether. Combing your face whiskers allows balms and oils to absorb more easily into the hair by separating individual strands and pulling the product from root to end. Here’s an awesome beard comb that’s attractive as it is affordable.


It only takes the tiniest gust of wind to make your tight beard look weird. A stray hair or two may not sound like the end of the world, but if they’re standing on end opposite of the rest, they can be a sight for sore eyes. A pair of portable beard scissors is all you need to punish unruly beard hairs, and the rest will stay in line out of fear of being snipped. The Tweezerman facial hair scissors is a great pair to start with.

Nike is Offering Massive Discounts Off Your Favorite Items in Honor of Summer


Nike has always been for the power-spenders. The iconic ‘swoosh’ brand has elephant tracks in the sportswear industry and markets just anything from sports watches to running shoes and jumpers.

If you have always had an eye for everything you love on this brand but never had the financial capability, here comes some good news – Nike’s big flash sale is here!

Now you have a chance to spend little and achieve your dreams while having up to 50% discount when you buy the things you love; Apple watches, pumps, jumpers, and full zip hoodies.

It is only Nike’s little way of helping you acquire your wants without smashing your credit.

Jordan Rise Basketball Shorts

Nike Jordan Rise Basketball shorts

Remember Michael Jordan? Sure you do, who wouldn’t anyway? The basketball star has always and is still strongly working hand in hand with the Nike brand to provide you with the full basketball kits whenever you want. Just like Jordan embedded his name in the heart of basketball lovers, there is no feeling like knowing you have what it takes to soar and dunk like Jordan! Surprisingly, the shorts go for $28.

Beautiful Apple Nike+ Sports Watches

Apple Nike+ watch

A watch is quite important to keep you organized and time conscious. The Apple Watch Nike+ Series 3 comes with an inbuilt GPS tracker to keep you from wandering off track. It also incorporates a ‘Run Club’ app which notifies you from time to time, when you should hit the pavement, running. You can also monitor the weather from the weather feature on the watch and these will only set you back $386.

Full-zip Hoodies

Nike full-zip hoodie

Maybe the ‘Sportswear Legacy Full-zip Hoodie’ is everything you need to be in-between warm and chilly – such a happy feeling. However, what is better is that it can be gotten at a 50% slashed price and that leaves just $80.97! Wow!

Nike’s Free Flyknits

Nike Flyknit

The Nike’s Flyknit is the perfect combination of style and comfort. This rare combination makes the Flyknit perfect for different occasions and looks whether you’re going to the bar, hitting the gym or running. You can now get this for a surprising $59! Terrific!

The Mountain is Europe’s Strongest Man… Without Even Trying!


He is nothing like a real human. He looks just like a giant character from one of those kiddies storybooks. Little wonder why he is called “The Mountain”.

The Mountain
Image Credit: Facebook/Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson – The Mountain

The mountain that rides!

Big, strong, and brawny, the Iceland-born Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson became ‘Europe’s Strongest Man,’ a title he won earlier in the week. This victory comes on the back of his success with setting ‘deadlift record’ and also clinching the ‘Arnold Strongman Classic’ award for 2018.

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson is an actor, professional strongman and was a basketball player at a time. His alias ‘the mountain’ is from his role in the HBO blockbuster series ‘Game of Thrones.’

Again, he was the winner of this week’s ‘Manliest Moments,’ an award put together by Men’sHealth immediately after winning Europe’s Strongest Man award.

His triumph across Europe was a factor to his clinching the ‘Manliest Moments’ spot. But you can’t takeaway the fact that his almost unreal power exhibition got everyone mesmerized. How can a single human lift several hundred-pound boulders without even breaking a sweat!

Cruising through boulders!

According to his Instagram post which secured him the designation, ‘The Mountain’ expressed how he was only using the boulders-lifting act as a warm-up to the competition because he has got his eyes on, ‘The World’s Strongest Man.’

In his own words, “I only had to finish one stone to get my 4th Europe’s Strongest Man title!” Björnsson wrote. “I decided to walk through the stones comfortably and use it as a warm-up in my preparation for World’s Strongest Man!”

He only needed to raise one boulder to clinch his 4th Europe’s Strongest Man award. However, he chose to have fun while mesmerizing the world as he calmly took on all of the boulders. Well, you’re right, I think I am going to be sick! The mountain according to reports, has hauled a washing machine some 15 feet away from him.

The ‘World’s Strongest Man’ competition is billed for May 6th and Björnsson is already getting fired up as we would see him try to lift a trailer over his head with a single finger.

The Coolest Sneakers So Far

Image Source: Adidas Futurecraft Loop – sneakernews.com

1. Adidas Futurecraft Loop

This stylish and 100% recyclable running shoe is one of the hottest sneakers of the year. The entire shoe is made from TPU that’s molded into the sole and even spun into yarn to produce the knitted upper layer. At the end of its life, Adidas can take the sneakers off you and upcycle them!

2. Nike Air Max 90 ‘Mars Landing’

Following up on the 2014 ’Moon Landing’ print for the Air Max, Nike rolls out with yet another astronomy geek’s dream sneakers. Dress down and let the vibrant print speak for itself – fiery orange, deep-space black, and metal grey are the key colors on these kicks.

Image Source: Nike Air Max 90 ’Mars Landing’ – hypebeast.com

3. Nike Adapt BB

Talk about a „Back to the Future” reference! This self-lacing shoe is much more than a flashy futuristic gadget. It has a downloadable application for your smartphone to adjust your fit to whatever occasion you might need via Bluetooth – and it memorizes each setting. The lights on the soles are customizable, too – it’s an investment at a 399$ price point.

Image Source: stockx.com

4. Puma X Ader Error Trailfox

Image Source: puma.com

This trail running shoe/streetwear design is the product of collaboration between South Korean brand Ader Error and Puma. Blending street fashion with practical comfort, its components feature a TPU insole, EVA midsole and outsole – and a mesh and suede exterior. It comes in black color with electric blue and grey accents.

5. Jordan 4 Retro Bred

This iconic pair of sneakers celebrate the 30th anniversary of the classic Air Jordan silhouette – worn by Michael Jordan in 1989. Designed by Tinker Hatfield, it features the iconic „Black Cement” color scheme with nubuck outer, mesh inlay and PU sole. It provides excellent traction and ankle support, besides the stylish streetwear aspect, of course.

Image source: flightclub.com

Treat Yourself before New Year: Best Affordable Gadgets for Under $100

Source: pcmag.com

Even though Christmas has come and gone, it’s never too late to treat yourself. Instead of spending your hard-earned money on something meaningful like a night out with the boys, why not get one of these affordable gadgets? Check out our list of inexpensive gadgets priced under $100!

Roku Streaming Stick Media Player ($45)

The Roku streaming stick has become one of the most popular budget-friendly Christmas gifts this season. The dongle plugs into any television set and provides a wide range of services and application support. With the Ruko, you get hundreds of TV channels and movies free of cost, and there’s also subscription-based content to enjoy without paying through the nose. The Ruko streams in HD, 4K, and even HDR.

Google Home Smart Speaker ($10)

Source: digitaltrends.com

The Google Home is a voice-controlled speaker that delivers your every command to Assistant. Whether you need to catch up with the latest news and gossip, set alarms, or control all of your IoT products at home (lights, heating, garage doors, etc.), Assistant will be there for you. A simple “OK Google” and your virtual assistant will be ready for any command.


The INSTAX Mini 9 from FUJIFILM is a hit for those who need to snap a quick photo and don’t want the hassle of unlocking their phone camera. The INSTAX Mini produces Polaroid-like photos, comes equipped with a viewfinder, has a 60-mm focal length lens, and a ton of different adjustable settings that fit with whatever environmental conditions you are in.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Night Light ($45)

This smart nightlight is an excellent gift you don’t like sleeping in complete darkness. The Mijia produces up to 16 million different colors thanks to the modifiable LED lights built inside. Best of all, by connecting your smartphone to the lamp via Bluetooth, you can adjust the lights to your desired setting without having to sit up. If you prefer being woken up by gentle lights instead of blaring alarms, the Mijia is the perfect gift.

5 Ways to Live a Happier Life

Source: aumolc.com

How happy are you with life right now? Hopefully, you wouldn’t want to change a thing, but there’s hardly a person in the world who doesn’t have at least one thing they’d like different about themselves. Luckily, the secret to a happier life isn’t exactly a secret – in fact, if you adopt these minor changes, you can turn that frown upside down with hardly any effort.

Focus on the good

It’s probably not that there’s nothing good going on in your life right now, but the negatives weigh down on your soul far greater than the positives can lift it up. This needs to change… IMMEDIATELY! Focusing on the good is a great way to boost your mood. Not only will you be more willing to accept losses, but you’ll also find time to celebrate the tiniest victories.

Practice mindfulness

Source: yogajournal.com

Mindfulness is a mental state that is achieved by focusing on what’s going on right now. Your thoughts, feelings, anxiety, and stresses are all part of the now, but in mindfulness, you learn to downplay the bad. This is a therapeutic technique that many people use to put things in perspective.

Accept imperfections

Nobody’s perfect, no matter how perfect their lives may appear. The grass is always greener on the other side, so it’s time to focus on how to be content with the grass on your side of the fence. If there’s something you can change, put in 110% to make a difference; if not, then there’s nothing to worry about. Imperfection is a spice of life that we should all embrace.

Spend wisely

Source: yahoo.finance.com

For those whose source of unease is financial woes, then here’s a quick lesson in economics: spend wisely. Don’t purchase things you don’t need; we can tell from the get-go whether we’ll regret making a purchase before clicking the “pay” button. Focus on spending on necessities, but also splurge a little on things that will make you happy. After all, your mental health is a lot more important than we realize.

Do what you love doing

Lastly, only do the things you love doing. If you don’t enjoy your job, then make an effort to find a career that better suits your personality. If you don’t like spending time with certain people, learn to cut them out of your life. If you need a few moments to yourself, tell your partner that you’d like some me-time. Prioritize yourself and your happiness before others.

Barre Workouts: Get Stronger, Without Weights


Barre workout isn’t something new or out of the blues. It has been the fitness secrets of some individuals and the super fit dancer and model Michael Jackson, Jnr.

Michael Jackson Jnr. is always looking fit! Despite not having the biggest arm muscles you may have seen (judging by his physique), he is strong enough to go on and on without stopping.

He isn’t really an everyday gym kind of guy. He owes his fitness level to yoga, relatively little gym time, ballet and lots of Barre Workouts.

According to Alvin Ailey, his dance group choreographer, “After several months of traveling and different performances, Jackson is always seen hitting away with his barre workouts. He is strict with it.”

To perform barre workouts, you need to have access to a barre studio or an in-house barre. If you do not have access to any of that, you can make do with the back of a chair except that it is quite risky because you may sustain injuries when the chair comes crashing from having to bear your body weight.

Jackson did let us in on his barre workout movements and here you’re about to read how it is done.

Barre workout on bench
Image Credit: https://www.instagram.com/mikejackjr/

Firstly, warm up.

Doing some full-body rolls would surely warm you up. Place both hands on the bar and stand with your feet together. Lift your heels one at a time and then alternate it. Roll your head in 360° simultaneously. Hold onto the barre with both hands and bend your upper body backward (it is called the camber). Continue this way until you feel warmed up and free.

Perform hardcore abs exercise.

This is done while sitting in a sit-up position with your knees bent slightly inwards and your shoulder and head raised from the ground. Mimic a running position, sliding your heels back and forth while your hands move in front of your chest in circles. Do these simultaneously and count to 50. Repeat twice.

Tone your arm muscles. Do one-arm push-ups using the barre.

Stand at a distance of about 4 feet away from the barre with your feet apart and slightly wider than your shoulder length. Let one of your hands grip the bar while the other rests on your hips as you do the one-armed push-ups. Count to 20 and change arms.

Follow up by performing barre pull-ups.

This is a good way to round your strained arms. Lie underneath the barre with your knees slightly raised and your feet pinned firmly to the ground. Grab a hold of the barre and pull yourself up till you can feel your chin touching the barre. Do this at least 10 times.

For toned leg muscles, perform standing squat and/or grand piles.

To perform the squat, stand with one hand holding the barre. Join your heels together while your toes point outwards. Squat down and ensure you keep your back straight and your butt should be just above your heels. Rise, keeping your back straight. Perform this up and down motion 8 times.

Perform the ‘downward dog’ and lunge stretch.

Just like in yoga postures, lift your leg skywards. With the force from your core, kick your legs so your foot reaches just your hands while your knee is bent. Repeat downward dog and the lunge stretch 8 times.

5 Gentleman’s Tips For A Memorable Date

Image Source: fabsmorelli.com

1. Be Punctual

Having a stylish watch and being on time is something that leaves a lasting impression in the dating game. Make sure you get there early and scout out the meeting location – that leaves you with the chance to put on your most charming smile to greet her!

2. Dress To Impress

Less is more when it comes to fashion and dating – consider wearing smart, monochrome tones and accessorize with a good pair of Chelsea boots and a matching belt. Compliment your outfit with a discreet dash of timeless, masculine cologne. Admire her looks as well – make sure you take notice of how nice her hair or makeup is for the occasion!

3. The Gourmet Experience

Wow her by choosing the restaurant that’s just right for a delicious dinner. Keep in mind that the dishes need to allow you to be able to bond and chat while eating. Skip the pasta and opt for smaller, bite-size courses – ask the local sommelier as well for a wine recommendation to show off your culinary knowledge!

Image Source: toastenoteca.com

4. Handle The Expense

After a delicious dessert, when you’re both full and it feels like it’s time to leave, you should excuse yourself and pay for the bill at the counter, if possible. It’s much more elegant to do it this way than at the dining table, it also leaves some time for her to process the impression you’ve made on her!

5. Until Next Time

Ask her politely if she’d prefer you to call a cab for her to get home. Make sure to let her know how much of a good time you had with her, and that you can’t wait for the next opportunity to meet. Give her a shy peck on the cheek – or if the opportunity presents itself, a demure kiss. That will be the perfect end of the date and will have you both excited to see each other again!

Image Source: embassysuitessarasota.com

Getting a Great Workout with Brisk Walking

Source: apnlive.com

Brisk walking is one of the easiest forms of cardio exercise you can do. You don’t need special equipment to get started – if you have a good pair of sneakers, you’re practically ready to begin.

What is Brisk Walking?

The term “brisk” may seem a bit vague since there’s really no way of determining whether you’re walking briskly or not. That’s why we need to look at the “brisk zone” to see whether we’re doing this easy cardio exercise correctly.

How many beats per minute

One way of indicating whether we’re walking at an acceptable brisk pace is checking out heart rate. For this, we need to determine our maximum heart rate.

Maximum heart rate is 220 bpm minus your age (years), so a 25-year-old person would have a maximum heart rate of 195 bpm (220 – 25). With this, we can determine our low-end and high-end target heart rate.

The same 25-year-old would have a low-end target heart rate of 50% of their maximum heart rate (195 x 50% = 97 bpm) Their high-end target is 85% of the maximum heart rate (195 x 85% = 165 bpm). Therefore, the ideal heart rate range for a 25-year-old while brisk walking is anywhere between 97 and 165 bpm.

How many steps per minute

The ideal bpm range should be achieved while walking at least 100 steps per minute. An article in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that 100 steps per minute will help you reap the most substantial benefits of walking.

The talk test

The third way of indicating whether you’re brisk walking at the correct pace doesn’t require any math. Instead, measure your pace by talking while walking.

You should be able to speak comfortably with a bit of shortness of breath. If you’re completely out of breath, take the pace down several notches. If you’re able to sing while walking, pick up the pace.

Benefits of brisk walking

Source: globalsportmatters.com

The health benefits of brisk walking are similar to those of regular physical exercise.

First of all, you can shed pounds by burning more calories and building muscle mass.

Second, your heart will thank you for getting up and being physically active. Walking 5 days per week can significantly lower your risk for cardiovascular disease by reducing LDL cholesterol levels.

Third, regular cardio exercise can reduce blood pressure and sugar levels by making your muscle cells better able to use insulin and draw energy from glucose reserves.

Finally, your mental health can be saved by improving sleep quality, brain power, and much, much more.

Get out and brisk walk!

5 Healthy Ways to Release Built-up Anger

Source: cbn.com

It’s not healthy to bottle your emotions, especially anger. The worst part is that it doesn’t take much to push someone off the edge of patience – a snide remark from a colleague or traffic can cause even the most tamed person to explode in a tirade of cursing and arm-flailing.

Although controlling one’s emotions is a part of growing up, there are (thankfully) several ways we can healthily release pent-up anger without going overboard. Here’s a list of different ways to release anger in a healthy, stable manner.

Taking deep breaths

Source: cheatsheet.com

It may sound cliché but doing breathing exercises when on edge can help calm you down. Ideally, you’ll want to do this in an area away from loud noises in order to maintain concentration. Find a place where you can sit comfortably, relax your neck and shoulders, and breathe deeply through your nose. Do this up to 5 minutes a day as many times as you like.


If you’re able to take your mind to a happier place far away from a frustrating situation, you should absolutely exercise this skill whenever you feel anger building up. When wrestling with tension, try and create a mental picture in your mind to calm yourself down. This can be an imaginary place with beer-serving unicorns or a real place you’ve visited… with beer-serving unicorns. Getting lost in your own imagination can help ease stress.

Mindfully moving

Sitting still can cause you to become even more anxious. That’s why it’s important to keep your body moving by doing easy exercises in a comfortable area. Try doing yoga stretches or other calming exercises to bring you back from the brink of pissed-the-hell-off. You might even find dancing to be therapeutic.

Expressing frustration

Releasing anger in outbursts won’t do you or your drywall any favors, but this doesn’t mean you can’t express your frustrations to a neutral party. If you have friends or family that’s happy to lend an ear, feel free to talk about what made you angry. Hey, they might even be able to provide some insight into the situation.

Defusing with humor

Source: shutterstock.com

Finding humor in an otherwise intense moment can keep you well-balanced. We don’t mean simply laughing the matter off, but rather taking a look at them in a lighthearted way that can calm you down. So the next time you feel white-hot rage building in your chest, try to imagine how the situation would look from a passerby. By doing this, you may be able to find just how minor the issue is and how you may have been on the edge of blowing it out of proportion.