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Understanding Car Insurance and Why You Need It


We live in a world where nobody can tell what will happen tomorrow. It’s a world full of risk. The risks include loss of life, body injuries, among others.  While preventing these accidents is not always possible, financial companies have come up with ways to compensate people financially.

Examples of such financial institutions include car insurance companies. For everyone who owns a vehicle, car insurance is very important to have.

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What is car insurance?

Car insurance refers to an existing contract between you and an insurance company that keeps you protected against any financial losses in case you have an accident, your vehicle gets damaged or if your car is stolen at some point.

How does car insurance work?

You have to find an insurance company that offers car insurance, and then pay them a premium. This car insurance company then agrees to pay you for any losses incurred depending on the policy that you chose.

Why do you need car insurance?

There are so many reasons why any car owner needs insurance. Some of them include:

Car insurance protects you and your family

Remember, your family members always depend on you and are entitled to the car you own. They will also be riding in it so it’s important to keep them safe from any financial hardship that may arise because of your owning that car should anything out of the ordinary happen.

Car insurance reduces your level of stress in hard times

We can never tell what lies ahead. Sometimes unforeseen tragedies face drivers and passengers. They include injuries, accidents and many others that could leave you emotionally stressed. So, car insurance reduces this stress so that you can focus on getting better and rebuilding yourself.

Car insurance gives you financial security

You may be very well off today but you do not know what tomorrow holds. The unexpected could suddenly happen and leave you in a worrying state financially when it comes to your car. Car insurance usually pays you out in case of unforeseen car incidents.

Car insurance grants you that much-needed peace of mind

Nothing can ever replace the importance of your health. However, you can rest happily knowing that should anything happen to you while you’re driving your car, your insurance will help you with financial security.

What are the types of car insurance you can get?

There are different types of car insurances. They include:

Liability car insurance


•Pays for victim’s damaged property •

Covers victim’s medical bills

•Doesn’t cover your injuries

•Amount paid has a limit

•You pay from your pocket when limit is exceeded

•Limit depends on insurer

This car insurance type is helpful especially when you are at fault in case of a car accident. It covers the financial damages to the other party.

This type of car insurance is a combination of both bodily injury insurance and property damage insurance types.

The car insurance will first pay for the expenses from the injuries then compensate for the damaged property as their specific names state.

In many places, for you to even be allowed to drive you need to have some kind of liability coverage. It’s either that or any other kind of financial responsibility guarantee.

This is only fair as it ensures that any driver out there who somehow ends up hurting anyone or one who damages property on the roads will compensate the injured or affected party.

When you go about buying this type of car insurance, you will have the limits broken into the three numbers which are also called split limits.

These car insurance’s split limits tell you the maximum amount that can be paid in case of bodily injuries for a single individual, for all people who were involved in the car accident and the damage to property respectively.

Should there be any damage that exceeds the limits indicated in this car insurance, you’ll have to pay from your own pocket.

Bodily injury liability


•Covers victim’s medical expenses

•Covers victim’s lost income

•Covers your legal fees

•Subject to a per-person limit

•Subject to a per-accident limit

This car insurance is the most common one since it’s the one that will cover you in case you are the cause of an accident that ends up either killing or injuring other people.

Your car insurance company is in such cases responsible for paying all the other involved party’s medical expenses. They will also cover any lost wages and also funerals if any

The other advantage is that it also covers legal fees should the other party decide to sue you.

Property damage car insurance


•Covers damage on victim’s vehicle/property

•Doesn’t cover damage to your property

•Subject to a limit

•You can choose your preferred limit

•The higher the limit the higher the premium

This type of car insurance covers any kind of damage caused on somebody else’s property. For example, if you ran into someone’s house or the rear of someone’s vehicle, property damage insurance would have you covered.

The amount of property damage that’s usually paid by every driver depends on where they live. While you might find it quite tempting to pay just the minimum coverage, keep in mind that any damage whose cost goes above your car insurance limit will be paid for from your own pocket.

You should also know that this type of car insurance does not cover your car.

Physical damage car insurance


•Has collision insurance

•Has comprehensive insurance

•Collision insurance covers your vehicle repairs or replacement

•Comprehensive insurance covers any kind of damage other than collision

•You must choose a deductible amount

When you crash into someone else’s vehicle or hit something that damages your car this type of car insurance will cover the cost of repairs.

There are two types of coverages when it comes to physical damage car insurances. They include collision and comprehensive whose difference is based on the circumstances under which your car got damaged.

Collision coverage car insurance – this coverage will pay for repairs done on your vehicle in case you’re the one who caused the accident. Often, fault is placed on the driver even if it wasn’t so the car insurance company will pay for repairs while it tries to prove that you were innocent in an attempt to get the full amount back.

Comprehensive coverage car insurance- this insurance covers issues that include theft, any damage from natural causes or disasters and vandalism. This car insurance generally covers the physical damage that won’t be covered by collision coverage.

This car insurance involves a separate deductible amount that you’ll be required to pay for every such incident by yourself before the car insurance company steps in to cover the rest.

This deductable amount will vary from one car insurer to another. The amount you will choose to have deducted will to a great extent affect your premium.

Rental car insurance


•Could include liability coverage

•Could include comprehensive coverage

•Could include collision coverage

Some car insurance companies will extend their insurance cover to rental vehicles. Make sure you check for this thoroughly before you rent the car.

What’s the most important car insurance to have?

The most important car insurance is liability and property damage insurance.  In case you are unfortunately involved in a car accident, you risk completely losing your driver’s license if you don’t have it.

If you get into an accident without it you could also face huge penalties and bills from the damages.

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Things To Know Before Investing In Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency has seen great growth in the past few years. Cryptocurrency has made transactions a lot easier. Because of the rapid growth in demand, people are investing more and more into it.

The market value of the cryptocurrency was somewhere around USD 1.03 billion in 2019. However, it is expected that this value might go up to 1.40 billion in the year 2024.

Some people might not be familiar with cryptocurrency, so first we will reveal what cryptocurrency is.

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Source: https://pixabay.com/

What is Cryptocurrency?

It is a virtual currency that you can use as a medium of exchange. The cryptocurrency is a bit alike to the real-world currency. However, in contrast to the real-world currency, it does not have any physical representation.

The best thing about such currency is that you don’t need to visit any bank to use it. Without visiting a bank, you can do a lot of things with such a currency.

With a few clicks, a user with a cryptocurrency can make a transaction. You can also buy or sell it on different platforms.

Also, there is a limit to cryptocurrency. For example, there are only 21 million Bitcoins present in the world.

So we can say that 21 million is the limit of the Bitcoin units and you will not see any further unit.

Besides this, holding a cryptocurrency is illegal in some of the countries. So before investing in such a currency, you should be familiar with your country law.

How Cryptocurrency Works?

The cryptocurrency takes support from the decentralized technology for its working. It uses hashing algorithms through which you can verify if the transaction is valid or not.

Because of the technology used in it, the chances of getting scammed are quite lower. The blockchain technology keeps the whole record of the transaction.

It stores the data of the currency holders as well as the transactions. Thanks to the blockchain technology that keeps the data protected.

Types of Cryptocurrency

The number of cryptocurrencies is increasing day by day. Different organizations and individuals are launching their own cryptocurrency because of the increase in demand.

With a little effort and knowledge, anyone can create a cryptocurrency. But increasing the demand for such a cryptocurrency is a lot harder.

Currently, there are over five thousand cryptocurrencies available, and the number of this currency is expanding over time.

However, here we will let you know about the most popular ones on which you can invest.

  • Bitcoin
  • Litcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Namecoin
  • Peercoin

The worth of all these mentioned currencies is quite higher as compared to many other currencies.


When it comes to the cryptocurrency, the first name that might appear to your mind is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrency all over the world.

Twenty-one million is the limit of the bitcoin currency. Also, the demand and the cost of Bitcoin is quite higher due to which people love investing in it.

In terms of popularity and worth, Bitcoin is on top due to which most people prefer owning it.


Litcoin is not as popular as Bitcoin. It uses a peer-to-peer system for its working. Not only this, the Litcoin works on the basis of a cryptographic protocol, which is open-source.

The Litcoin came into being in 2011. However, when it comes to the transaction speed, the Litcoin is much better than the Bitcoin.


Ethereum is another big name in the cryptocurrency industry. It is also the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world. Ethereum takes support from open-source blockchain technology for its working.

It additionally works as a platform for a vast range of cryptocurrencies. With the Ethereum user can get a decentralized virtual machine.


The popularity of the Namecoin cryptocurrency is quite low in contrast to the other currencies. Though the releasing year of both Namecoin and Bitcoin was the same, the Namecoin did not get as much attention as the Bitcoin.

However, similar to Bitcoin, there are only 21 million coins of Namecoin. You will not locate any other Namecoin once it reaches the 21 million mark.


Similar to the Litcoin, the Peercoin cryptocurrency also applies a peer-to-peer principle. The Peercoin is not famous as compared to the other mentioned currencies.

Back in 2012, the Peercoin was launched in the market. Over time, Peercoin is also building a good reputation in the market.

Tips to Follow Before Investing in Cryptocurrency

Investing in a cryptocurrency is not as easy as people might think. You need to keep a better idea of the trends, demand and a lot of other things while putting your money on such cryptocurrency.

However, here we have added a few cryptocurrency-investing tips that you should focus on so that your chances of getting successful becomes higher.

Following are some important tips about investment.

  • Backup Money
  • Check the Market Trends
  • Gain Maximum Knowledge
  • Perform Research
  • Understand the Risks
  • Find the Right Platforms

Below we have explained all these tips in detail.

Backup Money

Firstly, ensure that you have enough money before investing in a cryptocurrency. While investing the chance of losing is always there, so you should have backup money.

The cost of the cryptocurrency often varies. If you are lucky, you will be able to make a profit through it.

But always prepare yourself for the loss because the risk of loss is always there when you are making an investment.

Also, you might have to wait for a few months to make a profit through it. So always, have backup money so that you can live a worry-free and healthy life even if you face a loss.

Besides this, having backup money will reduce the worry that people usually have to go through while investing the money.

Source: https://pixabay.com/

Check the Market Trends

Check the market trend before investing in any of the cryptocurrency. Each cryptocurrency has its own worth, which you should know before putting the money.

Compare the price of all the currencies and pick the best one, which is in demand. Investing in a cryptocurrency that is in demand will increase your chances of generating profit.

The price of high-demand cryptocurrency increases in most of the cases. Marketing trends will help you in making the right move.

Gain Maximum Knowledge

Cryptocurrency is not an easy thing. You need to work hard to gain more knowledge about it. You can get a better knowledge of the field from different platforms.

Try to get maximum understanding of the currency so that your chances of losing investment get lower. The more you learn about the cryptocurrency, the more you will be able to generate profit.

Furthermore, try to keep an eye on the current rates of all the currencies in which you want to invest. Various platforms are available that provide the detail of the current rates.

Also, make sure to learn the risk factors and security issues that you may have to go through during the investment process.

Perform Research

Research is another vital factor that can increase your chances of gaining profit in an investment. You should examine various cryptocurrencies and choose the best one.

While doing research, make sure to check the history of the cryptocurrency.

History will let you know the increase or decrease in trends. Once you see the trend of a cryptocurrency, you can predict the growth or decline.

Understand the Risks

Whether you are new or professional in the cryptocurrency, the risk of losing money is always present. Try to be aware of the risk while putting your cash on a particular cryptocurrency.

Focus on all the risk factors and try to minimize them. Knowing the risk and minimizing it will make your chances of gaining profit a lot higher.

You can also minimize the risk of losing by increasing your knowledge about this currency.

The more you will learn, the more you will understand the art of investing.

Find the Right Platform

Various platforms are available on the internet that allows users to invest in cryptocurrency. You can buy or sell different cryptocurrencies using these platforms.

You should choose the best and trusted platform by doing the research. Also, you can also find reviews of the platform before performing any trading activity on it.

Reviews will help you in deciding whether the platform is worth preferring or not. Not only this, but you can further consult an experienced person in this case.

Platforms like Kraken, Bitfinex, Bittrex etc. allow users to exchange cryptocurrencies.

Some of these platforms also enable the user to exchange a cryptocurrency with real-world currency.


Investing in a cryptocurrency can help you to generate a lot of money. Apart from making money, you can also lose the cash, which you should keep in your mind.

The better understanding of the cryptocurrency will reduce the chance of losing. As an investor, you should have a proper plan before investing.

A proper plan will help you to make a profit in a short time. Also, try to study all the popular cryptocurrencies so that you can easily decide which one is best for you.

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Getting a Good Deal on a Luxurious AirBnB


Oh, aren’t we all sometimes just in need of a little luxury in our lives?

AirBnB has launched a new feature last year.

It lets you find the most luxurious accommodations through AirBnB.

The thing is though: they are pretty pricey.

While they do include some perks a regular AirBnB might not offer, the price for luxury AirBnB sure is a downside.

So to start this article off, let’s get into the basics of AirBnB and then talk about how luxurious AirBnBs don’t need to break the bank.

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How Does AirBnB Work?

Unlike hotels, AirBnBs are run by local owners who rent out their properties.

Some might only rent a room or an apartment in their house, while others rent out whole houses and some find really luxurious accommodations through AirBnB.

Crazy right? Can you imagine owning a house that no one actually lives in for a longer period of time? A luxurious AirBnB for less than the price of a hotel room?

It Is Important to be Aware of What AirBnBs are!

Some people see AirBnb as an option to find a cheap place to stay.

The new luxe department however has a totally different vision.

Be aware of this: You are not just paying for a stay on a couch somewhere.

But even with a luxurious AirBnB that hasn’t made it tho the luxe stage you can find a great place to stay

Consider What All You are Getting When Choosing a luxurious AirBnB

You are paying to experience a different culture. You are paying to experience the life of others.

When purchasing a luxe AirBnB you are paying for the experience as well – not just a place to stay as you would with a regular luxurious AirBnB.

All that means that a luxurious AirBnB can come cheap, while a luxe AirBnB is really pricey.

How Much Does Staying in an AirBnB actually cost?

The price for a luxurious AirBnB really depends on where you are looking to go.

You will find that you will pay the lowest prices for a luxurious AirBnB in South America, while AirBnBs in North America are the most expensive.

Be aware of the structure of your target country when searching luxurious AirBnBs.

You can find a really cheap luxurious AirBnB in South America or Africa, but in Europe or North America it will cost you a little more.

What exactly are Luxe AirBnBs?

AirBnB launched its luxe tier in 2019.

In this special part of the offered AirBnB gives you access to exclusive properties in prime destinations.

You can even rent out a whole mansion in some places.

This, of course, will cost you more

The Luxe AirBnB Segment offers Unique Vacations for an Average of $ 1.500 a night

These luxe AirBnb homers have been checked and vetted, their properties have been evaluated and a lot of time and effort has been put into all this.

But there are other perks you will get when making a booking through AirBnB luxe:

  • a trip with all amenities you can possibly dream of
  • You will stay at a unique destination that has gained access to this exclusive form of accommodations
  • You will have access to a trip designer
  • You will get to stay at the most unique locations in the world
  • a 24/7 Concierge service, that will take care of transportation, reservations etc.
  • You will stay in one of 2.000 handpicked destinations all over the world

Do you really need to book through AirBnB Luxe for a luxurious AirBnB?

Certainly not!

AirBnb offers a great variety of homes to choose from for your stay in a luxurious AirBnB.

There is no reason you have to break the bank for a home from the AirBnB Luxe segment for a great luxurious stay at an AirBnB.

There are plenty options through AirBnB Plus and on the regular site.

While AirBnB Luxe offers you some awesome options for a great stay, it is absolutely not necessary to get one of the 2.000 exclusive destinations they offer, if you want to stay somewhere elegant.

What should you pay attention to when booking a luxurious AirBnB?

Well as anywhere on the internet there are scammers even on a platform like AirBnB.

A simple way to make sure you get what you are paying for is to pay attention to the reviews a listing has received.

The Earlier You Book, the More Options You have

If you start looking for your luxurious AirBnB earlier, you are more likely to get a better deal.

Most owners are interested in having their luxurious AirBnBs at capacity, therefore earlier bookings mean that you will have much more options than you would have if you got a booking last minute.

How long are you going to stay?

Yes, just like renting a hotel room for a longer time brings down the price, renting a luxurious AirBnB for a longer period will usually make it cheaper as well.

For one it means less work for the owner, who doesn’t have to deal with different tenants every few days and furthermore it gives them more security – they know their money will come in.

Therefore renting a luxurious AirBnB for a longer period of time should always cost you less per day!

Talk to the Owners

This little trick has helped many people score cheaper rates for their stay. There are a few things to keep in mind however:

  • be aware that you are talking to a person – be friendly and kind – don’t request anything outrageous
  • this is something that can be done, but not a must – offering a discount is simply a show of good faith
  • scoring better rates for your luxurious AirBnB is an option especially for a longer stay
  • be kind, be friendly, don’t feel entitled
  • be aware of when you are trying to book – this most likely won’t work for your luxurious AirBnB during peak season
  • don’t fret if it doesn’t work out – keep in mind that AirBnBs are usually so much cheaper than hotel rooms already!

To negotiate a cheaper rate for your luxurious AirBnB, you have to get in touch with the owner. Do that before you inquire about booking the luxurious AirBnB.

Let them know who you are and what you are interested in. Be specific about your timeframe and maybe you will be lucky to strike a great deal on one of the luxurious AirBnBs found on the website.

So What Should You Do When You are Wanting to Stay in a Luxurious AirBnB, but Don’t Want to Break the Bank?

Like we said earlier, prices depend heavily on where you are looking to go. Be aware of the income structure at your destination – ultimately you will get the kind of luxurious AirBnB you paid for.

Be wary if a luxurious AirBnB looks too good to be true – it usually is. Pay attention to the reviews of the luxurious AirBnB and be aware that not all of those are likely to be real.

Consider AirBnB Luxe if you are really looking for a unique experience in one of the most exclusive properties out there, instead of just looking for a luxurious AirBnB.

Did you know that you can actually rent a whole island? I mean, $ 1 Million is a steep price for a week and I sure can’t afford it, but who knows? Maybe one day – a girl can dream, right?

We kind of need to stick to our luxurious AirBnBs for now.

Negotiate the rates for your luxurious AirBnB, especially if you are looking to stay for a longer period of time or are going during the off season.

But the most important thing is to keep in mind that whenever you are renting a luxurious AirBnB you are not talking to a manager or booking agent – you are talking to someone who is renting out something they created. Be respectful and kind.

Best of luck in finding your dream luxurious AirBnB and have a great stay!

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Best 2020 Pickup Trucks to Buy


Whenever you talk about a work vehicle, the first one that will probably cross people’s minds is a pickup truck. Pickup trucks offer a great blend of style and substance making them some of the best selling vehicles around.

Pickup trucks have unrivaled and unmatched configurations and capabilities. Being some of the best transportation means, there are lots of them in the market. This can easily leave you spoilt for choice which is why we have done this best 2020 pickup trucks review to help you make a choice.

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How can you define a pickup truck?

Source: https://www.digitaltrends.com

Before discussing the best 2020 pickup trucks, it’s important to know exactly what kind of vehicle a pickup truck is.

A pickup truck is simply a vehicle that has an open top cargo area at the back.

Why should you buy a pickup truck in 2020?

Here are some reasons to buy a pickup truck in 2020.

The view is better

Pickup trucks offer a better view of the road especially if you’re going to be driving on a highway. It gives you a great sense of where traffic is or isn’t moving.

They have improved gas consumption

While in the past pickup trucks consumed so much gas, that isn’t the case today. They are nowadays much lighter and consume fuel in a more efficient way thanks to the new technology.

They’re very safe

Interestingly, a lot of pickup trucks today are equipped with the same safety features as SUVs. That means you’re less likely to be severely injured in case of an accident.

They’re affordable

While they come in different makes, most pickup truck models are very affordable. You also get a lot of value for your money with them as they are very durable vehicles. Definitely worth your investment.

What to look for in a 2020 pickup truck

When buying a pickup truck in 2020, you should consider:

  • Its towing capacity
  • The usage
  • The engine size and power
  • Whether to go manual or automatic
  • The passenger capacity

Best 2020 pickup trucks

Some of the best 2020 pickup trucks to buy according to us include:

2020 Ford F-150


  • Towing and hauling capacity stands out
  • Infotainment system is user-friendly
  • Highly reliable
  • Several engine options
  • Ten-speed automatic transmission
  • Smooth ride

First on our best 2020 pickup trucks list is the 2020 Ford F-150.

It’s a full-size 2020 pickup truck with six powerful and very capable engines. This 2020 pickup truck also offers both drivers and passengers a smooth ride.

When it comes to both towing and hauling, this 2020 pickup truck does a superb job compared to many others in the same category.

The inside of the 2020 Ford F-150 is very spacious and it comes packed with lots of infotainment that you will surely enjoy. It also has some great features that assist the drivers.

This 2020 pickup truck is highly reliable. It is a great complete package that provides technology that’s user-friendly. It also has an array of configurations added to its advanced technology.

This 2020 Ford F-150 pickup truck is also very lightweight with an all aluminum body.

This 2020 pickup truck has a pre-collision assist with braking that’s automatic.

Honda Ridgeline


  • Comfortable cabin
  • Driving experience is refined
  • Well-built and high quality
  • More costly than its competitors
  • Many additional standard features
  • Reduced towing capacity
  • Off-road ability is limited

Another great ride that makes it to our best 2020 pickup trucks is the Honda Ridgeline.

In recent times crossover SUVs have grown in popularity and so have pickup trucks. This Honda Ridgeline pickup truck combines both of these two.

This 2020 pickup truck has a great cabin that’s so well built and has more room than a lot of vehicles in the same class.

The pickup truck has a cargo bed that very well handles traditional chores. It also offers you a fun and great quality ride every day.

This 2020 pickup comes with features that are more standard, 9-speed automatic transmission and it also has few trim levels.

This 2020 pickup truck can tow around 5,000 pounds. It can also haul up to 1,580 pounds when it comes to payload.

The 2020 Honda Ridgeline pickup truck has a standard front wheel drive. It also has an optional all-wheel drive which makes the car able to lock the existing power split that’s found between both the rear and front wheels only when speed is low.

This 2020 pickup truck also comes with an infotainment system, an 8-inch touchscreen to be exact that makes it so much fun. It also has Android Auto and an Apple CarPlay.

The 2020 pickup truck is also fitted with rear doors that open wider. It also has great ambient lighting and some LED headlights.

This 2020 pickup truck also combines safety features that include an automatic emergency brake system, a cruise control that’s adaptive and an active lane control.


The Chevy Colorado


  • Tailgate allows for remote-locking
  • Size is maneuverable
  • Ride is comfortable on different roads
  • Cabin controls are easy to use
  • Front seats are a bit constricting for bigger people
  • Less cabin space
  • Great steering and handling

Lastly on our best 2020 pickup trucks list is the Chevy Colorado.

It’s a great 2020 pickup truck that is able to adapt to manage different tasks and excel in them.  It also comes with a variety of engine choices.

The interior of this 2020 pickup truck gives the option of both the Infotainment 3 Premium system that has navigation and the eight-inch touch screen. The interior is also very quiet despite the fact that it’s a strong rugged pickup truck.

When you’re adding air into the truck, you will get an alert telling you it’s time to stop adding air. The Chevy Colorado is a versatile 2020 pickup truck that meets a lot of buyers’ needs.

Our verdict

The 2020 Ford F-150 is our winner among these three best 2020 pickup trucks. With less cons compared to the rest, this 2020 pickup truck incorporates the latest technology while maintaining its user friendliness.

This 2020 pickup truck offers an outstanding ability to tow and haul which is something any buyer will love.

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Best 2020 SUVs to Buy – 2020 SUV Ranking


Today, SUVs are some of the most popular cars you can find in the market. Automobile companies are responding to this demand by creating and supplying them in different models, shapes, and different sizes so that the buyers have a variety to choose from.

While they’re all great cars, choosing them is not easy, which is why we have compiled a list of a few of the best 2020 SUV cars to buy.

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Source: https://www.motor1.com

What is an SUV?

For us to understand what makes a great 2020 SUV, we need to first understand what an SUV is.

An SUV is a sport utility vehicle. It combines different elements of passenger cars that are regularly used on the road with the features of vehicles used off-the-road.

Why should you buy an SUV?

There are so many great reasons to buy an SUV in 2020 that include:

  • They have excellent gas  mileage
  • They provide an efficient way for carrying more people
  • They have great towing ability
  • SUVs provide room for your pets
  • They work great even in harsh weather conditions
  • They have enough space to carry a lot of cargo
  • They have a higher seating position for the driver, enabling better vision of the road

What to look for in an SUV in 2020

There are certain things you need to look for when you are thinking of buying an SUV. They include:

The gas mileage

SUV cars use up a lot of fuel so be sure to find one that is more fuel efficient.

The comfort

The SUV should provide sufficient leg room and passenger space.

It should also provide a relaxing drive

You should keenly check for the features that allow for a relaxing and safe drive such as the electron stability and cruise control.


Speaking of safety, big vehicles such as SUVs can have great impact. Therefore, you should ensure it has both functional and durable airbags. It should provide safety from every angle. It should have side impact door beams to keep you safe in case the car is hit from the side.

Great 2020 SUV cars to buy

Here are some of the great 2020 SUV cars you could go for in case you’re looking to buy one in the near future:

The Audi Q5


  • The handling is engaging
  • Offers a smooth ride
  • Spacious interior
  • Infotainment technology is intuitive
  • Costly compared to its competitors
  • Posh interior
  • Cargo capacity is below average

The Audi Q5 easily makes it to our best 2020 SUV list. It’s a great family SUV to own considering how hard t is to find fault in it.

For 2020 SUVs we are looking at classy automobiles and this is definitely one of them. Although the price is a bit on the higher side compared to a number of its rival options, it is a quiet 2020 SUV that is both practical and desirable.

This 2020 SUV is highly refined and you’ll feel it when it comes to the driving and only great things can be said about its material finish.

We love that this 2020 SUV has managed to keep up with the changing trends in the automobile industry, incorporating the idea of plug-in hybrid versions. It comes equipped with either the turbo 4-base engine or the very high performing twin-turbo V6.

This 2020 SUV would be a great buy for anyone looking for a luxurious compact SUV.

The 2020 Audi Q5 SUV feels very energetic once you hit its accelerator. It handles the corners on roads so well and offers a smooth and comfortable ride even on rough roads.

This 2020 SUV has an interior worth celebrating since it’s very luxurious and it also provides enough room for passengers.

2020 Kia Soul SUV


  • Fun and practical
  • Infotainment interface is great
  • Turbo GT Line Scoots
  • Wind noise because of the blocky shape
  • Interior is funky
  • Pricey Turbo GT-Line

Another great 2020 SUV to have is the 2020 Kia Soul.

It’s a boxy 2020 SUV that’s very charming and although it does not have much ground clearance, it hits the right marks for the best 2020 SUV cars.

This 2020 SUV has a spacious interior and the seating position is elevated. It is generally a very practical SUV car with seating space for five.

With the Kia Soul 2020 SUV, you get a lot of choices including two engines and six trims that are of different prices. You could either go for the more affordable option or choose one that’s rich in features that are so much fun to drive.

The 2020 Kia Soul SUV is available as either a gas-powered SUV or a full EV one with 243 miles of range for every charge.

This 2020 SUV charms with its character and utility.



  • A big boot
  • Quiet when driven
  • Comfortable interior
  • Spacious cabin
  • Desirable options are an extra expense
  • More costly than competition

Third on our list of best 2020 SUV cars is the BMW X3.

This 2020 SUV has great power trains. It has top-drawer appeal when it comes to driving. It’s a winning car that comes very close to the already mentioned 2020 Audi Q5

This 2020 X3 SUV provides strong acceleration. It also has great interior finishes that are very premium and these make it a favorite among SUV fans.

It’s a great 2020 SUV for people who have families and is also very easy to drive.

This 2020 SUV has an aggressive front end and its cabin design is very slick. The materials used to make it are very posh. It also appeals to younger drivers and passengers because of its fancy infotainment gizmos.

The 2020 SUV’s seats are trimmed in a leather material to give you room to stretch out a bit.

Our verdict

Out of the three SUVs on our best 2020 SUV cars list, we definitely feel like the Audi Q5 is a clear winner, offering convenience for not only SUV car lovers but those who have families too and would like to have a great looking ride.

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How to Make Sure You Get the Best Deal on a Hotel Room


Budget travel is nothing new. We all want to save as much as we can on our trips. It’s frequently the hotel, that breaks the bank. But it doesn’t have to be this way, smart travelers know how to get the best deal on a hotel room.

We have collected useful tips and tricks on how to score a great deal while booking a nice hotel room.

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How You Can Find Good Deals on a Hotel Room

There are many different options when it comes to finding a bargain hotel room:

  • Use Search sites
  • Find Coupon Codes
  • Make Use of Airline Miles
  • Use your Credit Card
  • Use Last-Minute deals
  • Find Mystery Deals
  • Be aware of hotel discounts

All these are to be used before you decide on a hotel room. Here is how you can use these techniques to score discounts on a hotel room.

Using search sites

By this we are not referring to google for your hunt for cheap rooms at a hotel. There are many websites out there that can help you find hotel rooms.

Regular search sites

Sites like Expedia, booking.com, hotel.com. let you search for hotel rooms. You can enter how much you want to spend or browse.

To get the best deal for your money though, you should set price alerts for when they go on sale, before you book and wait a little.

Mistery Last-Minute Deal Sites

These are great if you do not have your heart set on a hotel, but just a region for example. Sites like Hotwire and Priceline will give you the chance to bid and get the cheapest deals on accommodations.

You won’t know where you will end up staying until after you have paid, but they offer great rooms for a very discounted price point.

Find Coupon Codes

Group buy sites, like Groupon frequently offer great deals on hotel rooms. This is especially true for nicer rooms.

You should always make sure that these deals are available for your desired travel time of course and make sure there are no additional hidden fees.

Make Use of the Discounts That Are Already in Your Pocket

This sounds weird at first huh. This is what we mean by it:

Use Your Credit Card

Many credit cards have travel perks included automatically. Check your credit card and see what deals you might be able to get, simply by using it to book a hotel room.

Use Your Airline Miles

Yes, we all collect them, but often, we do not get enough to actually get a bonus flight. Most programs let you use these miles on hotels and even if you can only safe the cost of one night at a hotel, that’s a lot of money saved.

Hotel Discounts

Many hotels actually offer perks you might have access to and aren’t even aware of.

Longer stays

This only applies to longer stays. Starting at about a week many hotels offer cheaper rates. Staying even longer? You can save more!

Always check for the discounts you can get on longer stays and be aware that this is a rule that applies to most hotels.

Bonus Programs

Most hotels have loyalty programs. These will frequently give you benefits from the first day. You may save on your booking or you might have access to some additional perks.

How Else Can You Save Money on Hotel Rooms?

You probably wondered if these were all the ideas we had. Don’t worry. We have more tips on how to get a good deal on a hotel room.

  • Be aware of your timing
  • Make use of price matching
  • Know how to get more for your money
  • Don’t be scared to call directly
  • Get the most for your money

Timing matters

That is not just true for travel and leisure, but all parts of life. Here is how timing can impact your stay at a hotel.

Late Check-In

This is a trick used by many travelers. If you check in towards the end of the day the total already knows its occupancy.

This place in your cards, because it is much easier to get an upgrade this way. A free upgrade means a lot of money saved.

Book during the cancellation period

This might not be for the faint hearted, but if you are up for adventures, this trick will save you a lot of cash on a hotel room.

Usually the cancellation period is between 48 and 24 hours before a desired stay at a hotel. Rooms that are cancelled during this time enter the market at a much lower price point.

Even if you are set on a hotel, chances are there are rooms available, if not at this cheaper rate. This can get you a hotel room at a very discounted price point however.

The Rule of Opposites

Be aware of who books hotels when. During the week most business travel is booked, while people look for vacation on the weekend.

Use the knowledge you have.

Book holidays during the week and business trips on the weekend and get great deals for your next hotel stays.

What If You Find a Better Deal on a Hotel Room?

Oh, who hasn’t experienced this. You find something you like, you purchase it and later-on you find it for cheaper. So annoying, but there is something that can help you with this.

Price matching

Just like many large retail stores, hotels and booking websites will match a cheaper price you find somewhere else. Oftentimes even a couple days after your initial booking.

It surely never hurts to ask for this, but sites like hotels.com are known for price matching. Try your luck.

Location, Location, Location

There are different ways locations may impact the price point of a room.

Business Hotels

Should you find yourself in Europe during the summer months, make sure you look at business hotels as well. Business is slower and many hotels are far away from reaching their optimal occupancy.

Cheap deals are available in Business Hotels in Europe all throughout the summer.

The Location of your Room

Yes, even that can impact how much you can get for your money. Ask for a corner room during check in. Corner rooms frequently have more square footage, therefore giving you more space for your money!

Call the Hotel directly

This trick is something many people neglect. Calling the hotel directly means you are interested in their rooms. They will want you as your guest.

While on websites it’s luck if you choose them, they know you are interested when you call and they will most likely provide you with a better deal.

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Melanoma: is this a mole or cancer?


Do you have melanoma? Are you worried about a mole on your back? Read this article and find out what melanoma is, how it is diagnosed and cured.

Its full name (malignant melanoma) might fill you with dread. But if you are not a physician, you will have little clue of what this disease is exactly. Here is some help to understand, identify a melanoma, so you will know what to expect from your MD.

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What is melanoma?

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer developing from melanocytes. These cells are the ones producing melanin, the pigment in your skin. This pigment is responsible for your complexion, for the color of your hair or eyes, for the red in your lips, or even for tanning in summer.

A very common and dangerous form of cancer

In the case of melanoma, melanocytes start multiplying uncontrollably and turn into skin cancer.

You should know melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer. Its fast development, ability to create metastases (developing in other regions of your body) easily or to be mistaken for a common mole makes it one of the most dangerous and insidious among cancers and a real threat to public health.

How do you get melanoma?

What are UV rays and what role do they have?

The main cause behind this dreaded disease is UV radiation. UVs are a specific type of sun rays (making up 10% of natural sunlight), which are deadly to humans. While some of these rays are stopped by ozone in the atmosphere, some others will reach the beach where you have set down your towel anyway.

As mentioned earlier, UV rays are naturally present in sunlight, but you can also find them in:

Of course, among those, the most dangerous would be sunbeds. You lie down, hoping to work on your complexion and get a nice suntan to show your friends at the beach but overusing them might cause you to develop skin cancer.

But UVs are not all that bad, are they?

No, they are not: you actually need them to produce vitamin D, a vitamin necessary to absorb calcium, magnesium, or phosphates, all of them essential to life. But you should know exposing your body 15 minutes two or three times a week is enough to produce the quantities you need, according to World Health Organization recommendations.

UVs are also beneficial to some skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, jaundice or vitiligo.

So, get a bit of sunlight in your life, but do not abuse it!

Genetic mutations

Although UV rays are behind your wonderful tan in summer and the simple but painful sunburns when you stayed on the beach just a bit too long, they can also cause genetic mutation in the skin by damaging DNA, which can lead to melanocytes multiplying without control and therefore melanoma.

Overexposure to sunlight being the major risk factor leading to melanoma, the disease mostly appears on frequently exposed areas of the body:

  • Back (especially for men)
  • Shoulders
  • Legs (especially for women)
  • Arms (forearms, mostly)

How is melanoma diagnosed?

What will your doctor look for?

Quite simply, doctors have a mnemonic to identify melanomas and differentiate them from common moles:

  • Asymmetry: moles are usually symmetrical, whereas melanomas are not
  • Borders: moles tend to form nice round shapes, while melanomas are irregular and form corners and edges
  • Color: melanomas exhibit different colors and hues
  • Diameter: melanomas often exceed 0.24 in (6 mm) in size
  • Evolution: melanomas evolve, continue to grow and change shape
  • Funny looking: moles are usually round and consistent in color, whereas melanomas are different, quickly looking like something that should not be there

Nodular melanoma: a more aggressive form of melanoma

The most aggressive form of melanoma (nodular melanoma) has other symptoms, therefore another mnemonic:

  • Elevated: nodular melanomas form above the skin and consequently appear like they are growing “out” of the skin
  • Firm to the touch: nodular melanomas are hard
  • Growing: as mentioned above, this form of melanoma is extremely aggressive, meaning it grows extremely fast

Confirming the diagnosis

Generally, your MD will also try to compare what he suspects to be a melanoma with other skin lesions like common moles or keratosis.

But since there are different types (4 main types but over 10 in total) of melanoma, a biopsy will always be necessary to confirm the diagnosis: your doctor will cut out a small piece of the suspicious mole and send it for analysis to a histologist (an MD specialized in analyzing tissue samples).

You should also note it is not uncommon for doctors to take pictures of your entire body to:

  • identify other potential sites on which melanomas could have developed
  • have a base photography for follow-up consultations and study the evolution of the disease

What about treatment?

Surgery is always the first-line treatment

As a biopsy is always required to confirm the diagnosis, a patient suspected to suffer from melanoma will have to go under the knife.

After taking the sample, your surgeon will usually immediately continue the procedure (or schedule a later one) with wider excision of the lesion. This means that your surgeon will not only cut out the mole suspected to be a melanoma, but also a small patch of clear skin around it, just to be safe.

In the case of melanoma, it is very frequent to undergo multiple surgeries so as to avoid recurrence (the risk of having the disease grow back).

Complementary treatments

Called adjuvant treatments, these try to complete surgery and reduce the chance of recurrence.

Your doctors can use a wide range of adjuvant treatments, like:

  • Interferon is frequently prescribed in the USA, but not in the UK or other European countries since doctors there consider this treatment to have too few benefits and too many side effects.
  • Chemotherapy is also frequent (particularly in the US) and dacarbazine is the chemotherapy drug of choice in this case.
  • Targeted therapy consists of using a molecule to slow down the evolution of the disease and the multiplication of tumorous cells.
  • Immunotherapy is a bit similar but calls upon your own antibodies and leukocytes (white blood cells) to destroy the tumor.
  • Radiation therapy also often complements surgery, particularly if the cancer is located in a hard to reach area.


A suspicious mole is not necessarily a melanoma and the sooner your doctor identifies a melanoma, the more efficient the treatment will be.

So if you have any doubt, do not hesitate and consult an MD.

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Psoriasis: the reality of this common disease of the skin


What is psoriasis? What are the symptoms? Is it genetic? This skin disease often raises many questions, usually unanswered. Although many of us know the name, we rarely know more than that when it comes to these itchy and scratchy patches.

Psoriasis is a common disease of the skin, which can take many forms. Discover the symptoms, and how you can identify and treat this common skin disease.

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Psoriasis of palms
Source: Wikipedia

What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease of the skin that afflicts around 3% of the population. This means it is a disease in which your own immune system mistakes a part of your body for a threat and start attacking it. In the case of psoriasis, they turn against parts of your skin and cause various symptoms.

Patients afflicted with this illness typically develop plaques: patches of abnormal skin, typically red or purple. These plaques can vary a lot:

  • they can cover a small patch of skin or cover the entire body
  • the skin around these patches can turn red, itchy or even scaly
  • plaques can appear in any location on the body but are more typical on areas like the elbows, the knees or the scalp

Different types of psoriasis?

Different forms of psoriasis – Source: VeryWell Health

The most common form of the disease is plaque psoriasis, by far: up to 90% of patients are diagnosed with this type.

But there are other types of psoriasis:

  • Pustular psoriasis: patients develop pustules (elevation of the skin), filled with non-infectious liquid
  • Inverse psoriasis: typically affects skin folds like around the genitals, the armpits or under the breasts
  • Napkin psoriasis: common in infants, it causes scaling in the diaper area
  • Guttate psoriasis: small droplet-like spots appear on the body
  • Erythrodermic psoriasis: widespread inflammation and scaling – this form of the disease often affects over 90% of the body
  • Mouth psoriasis: although very rare, psoriasis can affect the mouth, appearing as grey or yellowish plaques
  • Nail psoriasis: rarely found separately, this form of the disease specifically targets nails, which become harder than usual and can therefore crack, break or even separate from the nail bed

Do not scratch these plaques!

In fact, it is even a medical sign, quite typical of the ailment: when you scratch or even scrape off these plaques, they start bleeding in a particular fashion. Indeed, the bleeding is extremely localized, appearing to be more like small points of blood than usual bleeding.

Are there other symptoms associated?

Short answer: yes. Long answer: not really. Psoriasis is really characterized by its dermatological lesions and few symptoms are associated:

  • itching
  • pain
  • burning
  • swollen joints
  • thickened or cracked nails (especially in case of nail psoriasis

You should know these symptoms are not necessarily present in each patient. Actually, most patients suffer only from dermatological lesions.

What causes psoriasis?

Although the cause of this skin condition is not fully understood, a number of theories exist.

Is it contagious?

First of all, no reason to take particular precautions around someone afflicted with psoriasis: this disease is absolutely not contagious. Since it is an autoimmune disease, there are no pathogens (bacteria, toxins, or viruses) involved. Therefore, the disease is unable to spread to another person.

What about the role of genetics?

Psoriasis is not really a genetic disease. Although researchers have identified genes associated with the condition, there is no gene actually causing it directly.

Nevertheless, it is clear that genetics play their part. For instance, if a twin has psoriasis, the other one has a 70% chance to develop it as well, proving that the disease does have a genetic component, but not a direct one.

Can your lifestyle affect or cause psoriasis?

There are a lot of lifestyle factors that can worsen your condition but none of them are a direct cause:

  • chronic infections (especially dermatological infections)
  • stress
  • smoking
  • excessive alcohol consumption
  • climate
  • skin dryness
  • obesity

Does medication play a role?

A lot of drugs can worsen or even induce psoriasis:

  • beta-blockers
  • lithium
  • antimalarial medication
  • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (like aspirin or paracetamol)
  • interferons
  • lipid-lowering drugs

How does psoriasis develop?

Patients afflicted with psoriasis have abnormal skin: the upper layer of the skin (called the epidermis) overdevelops and skin cells that normally reproduce in a month’s time are replaced within a week.

This overabundance of skin cells is responsible for all symptoms and is the consequence of the autoimmune reaction: white blood cells move from the dermis (where they are normally located) to the epidermis and start producing proteins (like interleukin-6) which stimulate skin production.

Also, dying cells produce the same proteins, aggravating the process and causing the already abnormal skin production to increase even further.

What treatment?

Although there is no definite cure yet, several treatments can be proposed.

What are topical preparations?

Topical creams (local creams) are the most common treatment. Most of them contain corticosteroids (like cortisone) to reduce inflammation and its consequences. Physicians also often prescribe vitamin D (and similar molecules) creams in association with corticosteroids to enhance their effects.

To combat dryness of the skin and scaling, most treatments include moisturizers and emollients to hydrate and soften the skin. In that case, the most common treatments are mineral oil and petroleum jelly.


Phototherapy is another common treatment. It consists of exposing the part of the affected skin to UV rays. This type of therapy not only has its own beneficial effects, but it also enhances the effects of topical creams including vitamin D.


Balneotherapy involves treatments through frequent bathing. The Dead Sea is famous for this form of treatment since its water is naturally rich in salt. Also, patients benefit from a bit of sunlight and get the benefits from both balneotherapy and phototherapy.

Immune system suppressants

As mentioned earlier, psoriasis is a disease in which the immune system turns against the patient’s own body. Therefore, medications that prevent this from happening are a very effective way to treat it.

Molecules such as methotrexate, ciclosporin, or fumarates are common drugs in therapy against this condition. In fact, they are even the first line of treatment in some forms of erythrodermic psoriasis.

Psoriasis, a good reason to consult!

Psoriasis is a common disease of the skin, which can take many forms. Although it has genetic factors, it is a multifactorial disease (a disease that has multiple causes). Although severe, it is relatively easy to control with proper medication.

So if you notice red plaques on your body, that can be itchy or scaly, consult a physician or a dermatologist, as you might be having this fairly common disease of the skin.

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Eczema: behind the name, multiple diseases


What is this rash? Why does it itch so much? Is it going to cover my entire body? Eczema is a name we all know, but what is this disease, really?

Eczema regroups several skin diseases and can worry some people and with good reasons: a frequent cause for this disease is stress. But you should not really lose sleep over it. It is a very common skin condition that can disappear as quickly as it came.

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Skin with eczema
Skin with eczema – Image by Healthline

What is eczema, exactly?

As mentioned earlier, eczema (or dermatitis, in its medical denomination) regroups several skin diseases, all consequences of inflammation. The exact cause of eczema is unknown. Although inflammation can sometimes be quite severe, it usually focuses on a part of the body, causing the skin to turn red, rashy and itchy.

As mentioned earlier, eczema regroups different skin diseases and can therefore appear in many forms:

Allergic contact dermatitis

The name is pretty straighforward: this form of eczema is a direct allergic reaction to an allergen.

Allergens known to cause allergic contact dermatitis include:

  • local antibiotic creams
  • Balsam of Peru (which can appear in food, drinks, perfumes or pharmaceuticals
  • leather
  • gold (used in jewelries)
  • nickel (used in silverware, cooking utensils or jewelry)
  • topical steroids (used to treat psoriasis, for instance)

This form of exczema is very easy to diagnose, since it appears directly on the site of exposure to the allergen. For instance, if you are allergic to the gold in your bracelet, you will develop a rash around your wrist.

Irritant contact dermatitis

Very similar to allergic contact dermatitis, this skin disease differs by not being caused by an allergen, but by an irritant. Irritants can include:

  • detergents
  • acid
  • solvents
  • low humidity
  • plants

Atopic dermatitis

Although this form has a complicated name, it is rather easy to understand. In the case of atopic dermatitis, the skin reacts to an allergen (just like in the case of allergic contact dermatitis), but not in the area that is exposed to the allergen.

This means the skin will show all the symptoms of eczema (redness, itchiness and rash), but where it is not expected. The affected area can become hard or even ooze a clear fluid. This condition usually develops in childhood and can worsen over time.

Usually, atopic eczema affects mostly the inside of the knees or elbows during puberty and hands and feet during adulthood, but it can cover the whole body in severe cases or in the case of infants and young children.

Stasis dermatitis

Stasis means stagnation. So this form of eczema appears in areas of the body where blood stagnates because of insufficient veinous return.

Since this condition is most frequent in the legs, stasis dermatitis usually appears in the same area and can even be the first sign of insufficient veinous return.

The symptoms can be a little different from other forms of eczema: the skin usually appears brown (instead of red) and thin. It can seem weakened, almost paper-like in some places and can also be swollen around joints (like ankles and knees).

Also, it is frequent to also find sores, ulcers (holes) and pain.

What is the difference between eczema and psoriasis?

Although they can seem similar, both skin conditions are very different. For instance, in the case of psoriasis, itching is usually mild and easy to ignore, whereas it is very intense in the case of eczema. In fact, some patients afflicted with eczema have been observed to scratch their skin until it bleeds.

Also, their appearance is different: while psoriasis causes your skin to become red and scaly, it is also thickened and more inflamed. In the case of eczema, scaliness is rare and the skin does not usually thicken as much as in the case of psoriasis.

Finally, the location on which these diseases develop is also usually different. When eczema typically develops around joints or on your neck, psoriasis is more frequent on the back, the palm of the hand or the sole of the foot.

What causes eczema?

The exact cause for this skin condition is still unknown, but there are two main factors to eczema:

  • Environmental: just like asthma, psoriasis develops more frequently in patients living in an unclean environment. Exposure to dust, bacteria or pollution in your childhood increases the risks to develop this skin condition. Some studies have even linked eczema to house dust mites.
  • Genetic: although eczema is not a true genetic condition, some genes appear to play a role in developing eczema. For instance, twins are 50% more likely to get dermatitis if the other twin has already developed it. In some forms like atopic dermatitis, this can even increase up to 75%.

Researchers presume the cause of eczema to be a combination of these factors.

How is eczema diagnosed?

Eczema is a simple diagnosis for your MD and depends on skin examination. Mostly, your physician will try to eliminate other skin conditions like psoriasis or skin infections.

Although the diagnosis is based mostly on the patient’s history and physical examination, your MD can also prescribe a biopsy to ensure you do not suffer from another affliction.

Can eczema be cured?

At the moment, there is no cure to dermatitis and treatments aim at reducing symptoms.


Frequent bathing (once or more a day) is recommended for patients afflicted with eczema, to both moisturize the skin and clear it of potential irritants and allergens. Some doctors even advise their patients to dilute a small amount of bleach into their bath water.


Increased home hygiene and house dust mite prevention are both at the core of lifestyle changes you will have to face in case of eczema.


Emollients (creams that moisturize and soften your skin) are often useful against eczema, but you should be aware that their efficiency has not been clearly proven.


Topical creams

Topical (local) creams are the first-line of treatment. Most of them contain corticosteroids (like cortisone) and the strength of the molecule prescribed by your doctor will depend on the severity of your affliction.


Antihistaminic drugs suppress allergic reactions. Therefore, these drugs are very efficient in case of allergic eczema (like atopic dermatitis or allergic contact dermatitis).


Immunosuppressants are drugs that inhibit your immune system to lower its reaction. In the case of eczema, they slow down inflammation and are usually prescribed in the form of topical creams.


Eczema is a simple diagnosis for your MD and is relatively easy to treat with proper lifestyle changes and medication.

More importantly, it is of the utmost importance your MD differentiate it with other skin diseases like psoriasis or skin infections. So if your skin turns red and itchy, consult a physician or dermatologist.

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Drone Comparison- Best Drones of 2020


In case you’re looking for the best drone out there then you’ll find this drone comparison very helpful.

Whether you’re a professional or an amateur when it comes to photography, a drone comparison is necessary so that you get the best device to add that much-desired aerial string to your imaging.

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Source: https://asia.nikkei.com

What is a drone?

It’s impossible to do a drone comparison without a full understanding of what a drone is. So, what is a drone?

It is an unpiloted or an unmanned aircraft. It is a multirotor with a number of propellers that can hover in any direction.

Drones are available in different types with the most common one being the quadcopter. They are also available in different prices and sizes.

Why should you do a drone comparison?

  • A drone comparison enables you to find out more about different drone features
  • A drone comparison enables you to choose one to buy from a wide range. It’s always good to have options when buying devices so that you get the best one for your needs
  • A drone comparison allows you to compare prices so that you’re able to buy the one that’s within your budget

What should you consider when buying a drone?

Having outlined why you need to do a drone comparison, here are some things to think about when you’re ready to buy yourself a drone:

The environment

Think carefully about where you would like to fly the drone. If it’s indoors, you need a stable and large drone. The smaller ones are more suitable for indoor use.

During your drone comparison you will find that some drone manufacturers will indicate details on the strength of wind that will affect your specific drone and overall experience

Your experience

If you’re doubtful about how well you can fly your drone, you should go for one that has the headless mode.

You should also consider a drone with auto take off features and auto landing ability. That way, you will still be able to get the most out of your drone flying experience even if you’re an amateur.

The construction material

As is the case with many devices, the construction material determines how long and how well you can use it.

Avoid drones made from regular ABS plastic. In case your budget is small, a drone comparison will help you find a suitable one that’s within your price range. There are a number of them made from stronger ABS plastic which is long-lasting.

The drone purpose

Since a drone has different purposes, you need to understand what exactly you’d like to use yours for.

If you’ve done a drone comparison you’ll realize that different manufactures make specific ones for different uses or purposes.

You can get a different drone for carrying out surveillance, photography or acrobatics. They are all optimized to carry out their purpose accordingly.

Best drones from our drone comparison

DJI Mavic Air 2


  • Easy to fly
  • Great 4K/60p video
  • Battery life is 34 minutes
  • Camera feed stutters
  • 12 MP camera resolution
  • 3,950 mAh battery
  • 10km range

First on our drone comparison  list is The Mavic Air 2.

The Mavic Air 2 is an amazing drone with great all-round features for beginners and those people who take photography as a hobby.

From the drone comparison, we discovered it takes some great quality 4K/60 videos.

It also comes with a wide range of shooting features and offers a flight time of 34 minutes.

From the drone comparison, we also witnessed its great ISO performance thanks to the ½ inch sensor. It also supports slo-mo video of 1080p for up to 240fps.

According to the drone comparison, its new controller offers an Ocusync 2.0 connectivity. This goes a long way in boosting the Mavic Air 2 range, allowing it to go up to 10km.

It’s also responsible for improving the drone’s stability signal to the DJI Fly app.

It also has an added advantage due to its subject tracking and the Quickshot modes that are automated.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro


  • Foldable design
  • Noisy above ISO 100
  • Can’t shoot portrait mode
  • Easy to fly
  • 1-inch, 20MP sensor
  • 8km range
  • 3950mAh battery

Next on our drone comparison is the DJI Mavic 2 Pro which easily makes it here as it’s been labeled by many as the best premium drone.

It’s a conclusion made in many drone comparisons for a number of reasons. One, the drone comes with a large sensor, there’s the fact that it’s easy and exciting to fly and then its design makes it easy to carry around. It’s foldable and great for travelers who are into photography or video shooting if not both.

It’s an all-rounder and gives you high quality results.

This drone comparison wouldn’t be complete without the mention of the DJI Mavic 2 Pro’s 20MP 1-inch sensor. It allows you to shoot 4K videos and take Raw stills at 30fps.

The drone has an adjustable aperture between f/2.8 and f/11 so you do not always need to have ND filters.

It comes with a range of intelligent flight and shooting modes enable you to take beautiful cinematic shots if you’re a fan of that style.

With this drone, you can get pro grade images even if you’re just starting out as a photographer.

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom


  • Easy to fly
  • Intuitive control
  • 905g weight
  • 12MP camera resolution
  • 3,950mAh battery
  • Noise above ISO 100
  • 8km range

The DJI Mavic 2 Zoom is a lightweight portable drone with a great foldable design This makes it easier for yolu if you like to travel around and take those memorable aerial shots during your adventures.

It has a 12MP sensor and a 24-48mm optical zoom lens.

With this drone, taking close-up shots is an easy task and you will get satisfactory results. You know what that means? Taking close-up shots of people is easier even when you’re maintaining a respectable distance, something hard to do with a normal camera.

The DJI Mavic 2 has a great zoom lens that allows you to explore your creativity even more.  It allows for a reasonable range and you will not experience a lot of image distortion.

Best pick from our drone comparison

Our overall best pick is the The Mavic Air 2.

From our drone comparison, it combines a wide range of features that are easy to use for both beginners and professionals.

The other two are not far off, but this particular drone stands out a lot more  if you’re looking for the best drone flying experience.

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