The 5 Most Extreme Sports in the World




A need for speed and unique experiences has led to the creation of several sports made to satisfy adrenaline fanatics. You’ve probably seen videos of people skateboarding downhill or riding on street luges, but if you’re looking for something more, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a short list of the 5 sports that are too extreme even for the X Games.

Wingsuit Flying

Wingsuit flying is probably the closest humans can achieve to flying without machines. This sport is a variation of the “traditional” sky diving where the jumper dons a specially made suit that turns them from a four-limbed human into a flying squirrel. These suits have wings along the sides of the body, starting from the wrists and ending at the feet, and a third wing is a flap of material that connects both legs. The wings have air pockets that reduce the speed of their fall from a helicopter.


Oh, so heli-skiing – the sport involving jumping out of a helicopter to ski down steep mountain slopes – isn’t interesting enough, is it? Some people have cranked their adrenaline dial all the way to “are you out of your mind?!” by mixing regular skiing or snowboarding with parasailing. The result is racing down a snowy mountain while getting enough lift to send you floating. Some people bounce up and down while others stay afloat during the entirety of the run.

Volcano Boarding/Surfing


Really, how is a sport “extreme” if it doesn’t involve an active volcano? Volcano boarding or surfing is exactly what it sounds like – a person straps on a snowboard or skis and goes down the side of a volcano covered in cool cinders. Oh, there are also plenty of sharp volcanic rocks on the mountain that can totally rip your legs to shreds.



Scuba diving can seem pretty intense, but with a series of safety apparatuses strapped onto your back and face, how extreme can it get? People have taken scuba diving to crazy by jumping into the blue sea without oxygen tanks, masks, and other safety equipment. A pair of flippers and goggles (optional) is all it takes to start freediving with the fish.


Even the most hardcore extreme sports fanatics will say no to walking a tight rope, but the craziest of the bunch find a taut rope a mere cakewalk in the tea park. To make it more challenging, people have taken to highlining – walking a slack rope – where they can showcase their awesome balance and even awesomer falling skills. Thankfully, highlining typically isn’t done very far off the ground, but some nutjobs have highline across tall buildings and mountains.