Understanding Different Types of Mortgage Options



Do you want to apply for a mortgage? If yes, then you should first learn the types of mortgages options available.

Once you are familiar with the possible mortgages options accessible, then you can easily make a better decision.

However, before knowing about the mortgages options first, you should understand what mortgage is.

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Mortgages Options
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What is Mortgage?

It is a loan, which you can take from any lender to buy a property or any other thing. To get the mortgage, the mortgagor will have to give his property equivalent to the amount that he is getting from the lender.

Once the mortgagor has cleared all the payment, the lender will return the property.

In case, if the mortgagor is unable to return the money in a certain period, then he can lose the given property to the lender.

There are different terms on which a mortgagor can take a mortgage.

Based on the terms, you will have to return the mortgage in a given time. The time may vary from five years and goes up to 40 years or even more.

Further, there are various mortgages options offered to the mortgagor. Depending on the need, a mortgagor can select the desired mortgage option.

Types of Mortgages Options

There are various mortgages options available that a mortgagor can prefer. However, eight of the popular mortgages options are listed below.

  • Conventional Fixed-Rate Mortgage
  • Interest-Only Mortgage
  • Adjustable-Rate Mortgage
  • FHA Loan
  • VA Loan
  • Jumbo

Below we have provided in-depth information about these mortgages options.

Conventional Fixed-Rate Mortgage

As indicated by the name, the interest rate remains the same in the conventional fixed-rate mortgage.

Unlike most other loans, the mortgagor will have to pay the same amount even after years in such a mortgage due to which most mortgagors favor it.

10 to 30 year is the range in which a mortgagor might have to return the loan.

In case you are planning to take a loan, then we would suggest you go for a conventional fixed-rate mortgage.

Interest-Only Mortgage

The interest-only mortgage is quite different from other mortgages options. In the interest-only mortgage, the mortgagor will have to pay the interest portion on monthly payments for a specific period.

This period commonly ranges from five to seven years.

Dividing the loan monthly makes it a bit easier due to which a large group of people goes for the interest-only mortgage rather than other mortgages options.

Adjustable-Rate Mortgage

In the adjustable-rate mortgage, the interest rate varies over time.

The change in the interest rate in such a mortgage loan may occur because of the change in the economy and a few other external conditions.

5/1 loan is the most common example of the adjustable-rate mortgage.

In a 5/1 loan, the mortgagor has to pay the same interest rate for the first five years, but after that period the interest rate may change for the remaining time.

FHA Loan

FHA Loan is mainly for people with lower income. The Federal Housing Administration provides the FHA loan with built-in mortgage insurance.

In addition, the down payment is much lower in the FHA loan as compared to the other mortgages options.

Therefore, in case you have a lower income and still want to take a loan, then you must go for the FHA Loan.

VA Loan

The VA Loan is usually suitable for the members of the U.S military. This loan is a low-interest mortgage that does not need any down payment.

Unlike many other mortgages options, the VA loan provides more flexibility to the mortgagor.

Jumbo Mortgage

Jumbo mortgage is only suitable for those people who want to take a large loan.

The amount of such a loan is usually higher than the federal loan limits. People who want to purchase some luxury properties choose it.

In contrast to other mortgages options, a mortgagor has to go through a strict process of verification to take the jumbo loan.

How to Apply For Different Mortgages Options?

Applying for mortgages options is not complicated. Mortgagor will have to visit the bank that offers loans.

Each bank might have different mortgages options. Based on the choice, the mortgagor can select any of the mortgages options.

However, before applying for any mortgage, you must have better knowledge about it.

Things to Do Before Applying For Any of the Mortgages Options

Selecting the best mortgages options might be difficult for most people.

Once you are done with choosing the mortgages options, another complicated process arrives while applying for mortgages options.

However, here we have included a few things that you should focus on before applying for any of the mortgages options.

  • Know Your Need
  • Pay Your Taxes
  • Understand Different Mortgages Options
  • Stop Large Purchases

Following you can get in-depth knowledge about all the mentioned things.

Know Your Need

Selecting the best mortgages options might get easier for you once you get familiar with your needs.

You should ask yourself what you are taking the mortgage for.

Once you get the answer to it, then you might be able to obtain the best mortgages options present.

Furthermore, while applying for different mortgages options, you might require showing the tax filings for the past couple of years.

Apart from tax filings, the lenders may further demand additional documents.

Most lenders also require the bank account statements of the past few months.

Not only this, but the lenders may additionally request you to explain any large deposits or withdraw made through your account.

Pay Your Taxes

Before giving you the approval for the mortgages options, the lender will check the taxes.

Most of the lenders usually check the federal taxes of the past two years.

The lender will further verify the taxes information through multiple sources.

So if there is some issue with your taxes, then you should solve it before applying for mortgages options.

If you have not paid any of the previous tax, then your chances of getting the loan might get lower.

Understand Different Mortgages Options

Make sure to get a better understanding of all the mortgages options that you can obtain. The terms and conditions of each mortgage are usually different from the other.

Make sure to learn all the mortgages options policies so that you can choose the right plan for you.

Stop Large Purchases

You should be careful even after getting the approval for any mortgages options.

The reason that we are telling you to be careful is that the lender may monitor your finances even after approving.

Any big purchase from your account might cause the approval of mortgages options in danger.

However, once you receive the check and loan from the lender, then you don’t need to worry about any such thing.


Keep all the types of mortgages options in your mind before selecting any.

Also, each mortgage is different from the other which you can know through this article.

Each mortgage has its pros and cons, which you should understand so that you can choose the best loan for you.

While applying for any of the mortgages options, the lender may check your tax details and other documents to verify.

Ensure that you have all the documents, and your taxes are in order so that you don’t face any issue while getting a loan.

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