University Online Courses In 2020



University education is important and a lot of people work hard so that they are able to obtain certification in a given discipline from a reputable university. This type of tertiary education goes a long way in helping you land your dream job and advance in life.

While in the past you had to take your course by physically going to the university and sitting through an entire class, today, you have the option of taking the course from the comfort of your home or wherever you are. That’s because a number of reputable universities nowadays offer online courses.

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Here are a number of things you need to know about university online courses.

What are university online courses?

University online courses refer to a series of classes that are offered to students over the internet or in an online kind of learning environment.

For this type of courses, different objectives, lecture notes, the instruction materials and exams are accessed by the students through the internet. All their interaction with the lecturer is done online via chat rooms, email and threaded discussions.

What makes great university online courses?

Here are some things that make university online courses great and successful:

Great university online courses have quality content

For a university online course to deliver what it promises to, it needs to offer high quality content. This high quality content will make you want to learn more every day. Without this, the online courses will just be bland and will feel like another chore which makes it even harder for you to remember what you learnt.

The best university online courses contain content that any expert in the field would highly recommend.

Great university online courses allow for self direction

University online courses work best when they allow the students to make their own decisions. This autonomy makes them even more responsible when it comes to their education as they are not micromanaged.

It’s great, as the instructor, to follow up with email sequences alongside the course work so that any roadblocks faced by the students are addressed and the lecturer also gets feedback on how the students are fairing.

Great university online courses incorporate use of multimedia

University online courses are not just limited to textbooks but can also incorporate other great ways of keeping the students engaged while they get the information they need.

University online courses that use means such as podcasts, videos, mobile apps, and interactive web pages make learning more enjoyable for their students. People have different ways of learning so integrating different mediums helps but it should be done purposefully.

Great university online courses create a community for students

One of the things students enjoy in a regular classroom is the existing interaction between the students and the teachers and the interaction with their peers. University online courses lack these if they’re not properly planned as the students feel isolated.

For university online courses to be great, they need to create a community through ways such as message boards that are not necessarily related to classwork, whereby students can chat and even seek guidance if they have questions or problems.

Great university online courses have correct pacing

For university online courses to succeed in their aim, they need to be finely tuned so that the students taking them are not overwhelmed and don’t get bored.

The information should be broken down into various sizes of lessons that can easily be understood. Projects and assignments should have reasonable completion deadlines so that students do not feel stressed or anxious.

Great university courses offer intuitive navigation

University online courses that are easy to navigate usually have the best success rate. A course may be great but if it’s difficult for students to understand its layout to an extent of having to contact the support team so that they can find a way through, they won’t do well in it. At least not easily.

All the required information should, therefore, be readily available.

Benefits of university online courses

  • They are very convenient and offer flexibility as they can be accessed from any part of the world through the internet
  • Through university online courses, you get more personalized and individual attention
  • University online courses allow you to meet and network with interesting people in your field of study
  • Through university online courses you get to save on costs that would have been incurred in commuting to a physical class including fuel, maintenance, among others.
  • University online courses teach you to be more self-disciplined  and promote life-long learning

Most popular university online courses

Here are some of the most popular university online courses you could take:

Business Administration

Areas of study

  • Communication
  • Financial management
  • Business ethics
  • Strategic planning
  • Organizational leadership

The most popular university online course is business administration.

This is because the business world is expanding and there is a need for more people to learn the skills of running different businesses. The business marketplace has also been benefitting so much from the internet in many different ways and it only made sense to start offering education on the same via the internet.

With this university online course, you will no longer be subjected to the traditional education barriers or requirements like living near the university, or working around the class schedule but will still get comprehensive university education.

Some of the coursework you will cover in this university online course include financial management, strategic planning, financial management, organizational leadership and business ethics, among many others.


Areas of study

  • Neuroscience
  • Personality theory
  • Human development
  • Psychotherapy
  • Memory and cognition

Studying psychology makes you better placed to work in a variety of fields. Psychology is a growing field of study and is needed by different business and human service areas. This is why it’s one of the most popular university online courses.

Some of the areas of study include human development, neuroscience, memory and cognition, abnormal behavior, among others.

This university online course is available during great times as psychology has been ranked one of the fastest growing occupations. It’s great that you can get this course with more convenience.

Even as an online course, you will still get a comprehensive understanding of human behavior, their hopes and fears and earn your degree.


Areas of study

  • Mathematics education
  • Science education
  • Language and literacy
  • History and social studies
  • Critical studies

Education is ranked among the top majors that bring about significant change in the world.

A university online course in education involves learning how to motivate students, engage with them, assess their achievements, and solve problems within a classroom setting.

You can earn your degree online and even proceed to getting a masters degree in the same way. Some of the areas of study include mathematics and education, science education, language and literacy, among others.

Which university online courses should you choose?

Many universities offer great online courses and the three above are just some among many.

While choosing university online courses, ensure you look at the university’s reputation, the areas of study of the course and consider your interest and passion so that you’re able to pick the right one for you.

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