Web Hosting Comparison – Best Website Hosting Companies in 2020



You’ve probably heard of a hosting comparison especially when people talk about websites, but what is it?

A hosting comparison is a process whereby you compare the leading web hosting providers in the market by looking at different factors so that you find which one best suits your website needs.

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Below is a list of three best website hosting companies we ranked after a comprehensive hosting comparison to help you make a decision on which web hosting companies to choose.

Have you ever done a hosting comparison before? It’s a very important activity especially when you’re looking to establish an online presence.

If you’re a business owner you probably understand how important it is to have a website since it’s one of the gateways to your business and markets it online to your target audience.

A good website also gives your business credibility and helps your customers know how and where to find you.

We live in an always-connected world and maintaining an online presence gives you an edge. That said, finding a great website hosting company through a hosting comparison is very important.

What is a web hosting company?

Look at it this way, when you have a website created, it means you have created a variety of files. They need to be stored somewhere for people to access them through the internet.

A web hosting company, therefore, is one that helps you store these files on the internet.

 There are so many of them around, therefore, you need to do a hosting comparison first before you make a decision on which one to choose.

Why you need to do a hosting comparison

In case you’re wondering why you need to dedicate some time to do a hosting comparison, here are some great reasons to encourage you.

Hosting comparison helps you learn about the available hosting companies

Hosting comparisons expose you to the many choices of web hosting companies in the market today. It’s worth looking up as many of them as possible before you make the right decision.

A hosting comparison helps you save on costs

Through a hosting comparison, you can find a web hosting company that offers the best prices for their services so that you get the most value for the amount you spend on web hosting.

 That’s because you will be able to check their different prices for signing up, renewal of plans and the individual features. You can also check if they have a refund policy.

A hosting comparison also helps you learn about the different features of web hosting

Web hosting companies provide different features for the different plans available.

Examples of features you might learn about include: the domain names, bandwidth, disk space,e.t.c.

What to consider when doing hosting comparisons

When doing a hosting comparison, you need to consider the following:

  • Sign-up and renewal price
  • The needs of your site
  • Whether the companies in your hosting comparison give free trials
  • Website back-up
  • Customer support of the companies whose hosting you’re comparing
  • Available back-ups

Best web hosting companies from our hosting comparison

Since finding the right web hosting companies can take a lot of time, here’s a list of top three web hosts from our hosting comparison that will enable you to choose the right one.



  • Price: $2.75/mo
  • Renewing price: $7.95/mo
  • Uptime: 99.99%
  • Speed:405ms
  • Free domain name
  • Website builder
  • Free email accounts

Bluehost is a web hosting provider  that was founded in 2007.

From our hosting comparison, they are the most popular in the industry, with over 3,000,000 websites getting services from them.

Their low-cost hosting options make this provider ideal for new website owners, whereby their introduction price is just $2.75 per month for three years.

Aside from the fact that they have an uptime of 99.99%, their speed is 405ms, which is very strong.

Renewing your  plan on Bluehost will cost you $7.95 and you will be able to benefit from a range of features.

The features include a website builder to give you an easy time when you start constructing your website since it does not need manual coding and editing.

You also get a free domain name and a one-click install through c-Panel if you’re going to be using Joomla, WordPress or Drupal.

The basic plan also includes an unmetered bandwidth and a storage capacity of 50GB.

Also worth including in this website hosting comparison is the fact that they give you free email accounts, provide customer support on a 24-hour basis and SSL regardless of your plan.

From our hosting comparison, we also found that Bluehost is very easy to use. That means it is user friendly even for beginners.

It is reliable and secure, making it a great option for entry-level users. In case you have higher website traffic you’ll benefit from their VPS and well-managed hosting plans for WordPress.

Bluehost also give you a money-back guarantee for 30 days and choosing them allows you to be instantly activated.

Hostgator Cloud


  • Price: $2.74/mo
  • Renewing :$10.95/mo
  • Uptime: 99.99%
  • Speed:399ms
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Built-in cache
  • Free SSL certificate

Second on our hosting comparison list is HostGator Cloud, founded back in 2002.

HostGator Cloud currently hosts over 2,000,000 websites offering a 99.99% strong uptime and a speed of 399ms.

It offers flexibility through unlimited email accounts, providing an unmetered bandwidth and disk space, and gives a built-in cache regardless of the plan you pick.

HostGator Cloud also provides you a free SSL certificate, a free domain for a one-year period if you sign up for either one, two or three years and easy installs when it comes to WordPress.

You also get a drag and drop host builder so that you customize your website to suit your preference. It is also very e-commerce friendly.

In our hosting comparison of this web host provider and Bluehost, we found out that the cost of their plans is within the same range, with HostGator’s cheapest starting from $2.74/month although it renews for $10.95/month which is slightly higher than Bluehost.

All their hosting plans have a money-back guarantee of 45 days.



  • Price: $0.99/mo
  • Renewing: $2.15/mo
  • Uptime: 99.95%
  • Speed:350ms
  • Limited memory
  • No free domain

Third on our hosting comparison list is Hostinger whose average uptime is 99.95% but with a remarkably fast loading time of 350ms.

They offer hosting plans that are very affordable with no compromise on the performance and quality of service.

From our hosting comparison with both Bluehost and HostGator Cloud we can conclude that it’s the best cheap service provider you can find when it comes to hosting.

It appeals to a lot of new website owners with the cheapest plan being 0.99/month when you opt for a 48-month plan and the renewal is just $2.15/month.

Should you choose a single web hosting plan your bandwidth will be limited to 100 GB and you’ll get 10GB of disk space. Otherwise you can still enjoy an unlimited bandwidth and database by paying for them.

Notably in this host comparison, is the fact that Hostinger does not offer a free domain and comes with limited memory.

The best overall web hosting company from our hosting comparison

From this hosting comparison, Bluehost is the most recommended provider offering a blend of features  and value for money that you will appreciate.

When you do a comparison of their hosting services with the other two, it is the most suitable for WordPress users.


These three websites are the best in the bunch which is why we included them on our list after a direct comparison of their features.

They are undoubtedly the leading providers so no need to spend too much time anymore seeking the best as our hosting comparison was conducted comprehensively.

Whenever you’re ready to pick a suitable web hosting company, be sure to check the this hosting comparison for details on pricing, the services and support offered so that you have an easier time making the right decision.

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