Why Every Traveler Should Have a Weekender Bag



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Weekender bags, also known as weekender cases, are a handy luggage piece that fits every item you need for a weekend trip. The best part is that they’re not just for travel – if you go to the gym, do yoga, or have a family outing planned in the near future, a versatile weekender bag can carry all of your belongings without any hassle.

Why A Weekender Bag is Necessary

Most of you might be wondering what makes a weekender bag unique to other travel bags. Essentially, weekenders were designed with functionality as its main selling point. They come in all shapes and sizes – the larger varieties may be too large for air travel, but if you’re venturing by bus, there’s on such thing as too large.

Spacious with Numerous Pockets

Upon pulling the zipper open, prepare to be amazed by how much storage an average weekender actually has. They’re typically smaller than duffle bags but a lot larger than the average backpack. You won’t have to worry about destroying your travel supplies by cramming everything you have – including delicate electronics – into the same compartment.

Style Points

Weekender bags aren’t just about functionality. No, they’re greater than that. A good weekender bag will attract a few stares from fellow travelers. Real recognizes real, and frequent travelers might shoot you and your bag a few compliments.

Top 3 Best Weekender Bags According to Travel Editors

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Like any piece of luggage, finding the right weekender bag requires ab it of research on your part. For our lucky readers, we’ve spent the time and energy doing it for you. Take a look at what renown travel editors consider the best weekender bags.

1. Filson 48-Hour Tin Cloth Weekender

The best overall weekender bag has to be the Filson. This rugged weekender is finest bag for outdoorsman or those who appreciate awesome craftsmanship. The Filson is designed to carry enough luggage to get you through a full weekend in style.

2. Peak Design Travel Weekender Bag

The Peak Design is a straightforward bag of reputable ruggedness. It’s a minimalist bag that provides you with enough storage for a full day on the road. Best of all, it’s designed to pass as carry-on luggage for air travel, so anywhere you go on the globe, the Peak Design will be at your side.

3. Timbuk2 Tripper Weekender

Of all the brands, Timbuk2 was the first to craft an exceptional weekender for those going on rough trips. This bag is made to handle the most adventurous trips in the most remote places in the world without dragging you down.