20 Of The World’s Most Beautiful Cars


1954 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing

1954 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing
Image Credit: pinthiscars.com

It would be amazing if there was no statement by Mercedes on this list. With its wing doors hoisted towards the sky and steering wheel pegged, except you may have driven this car, you can only imagine what it is like. The Gull-wing was aviation-inspired and it gets to about 180 mph! Crazy!




25 thoughts on “20 Of The World’s Most Beautiful Cars

  1. I hope that these beautiful cars don’t get scratched, and attempts are made to remove them with the Nanosparkle cloth.
    I bought two, and despite following instructions 100%, the cloth was totally ineffective on what were really minor scratches . Do better with T – Cut.
    Don’t waste your money.

  2. It’s rare to see Enzo Ferrari described as a “race driver”, something he hasn’t been for something like 90 years! I understood it that he tried but found he wasn’t as good as others, but he could organise a team; from managing the Alfa Romeo works team he went on to start up his own company in the late 40s

  3. cannot deny there are some pretty cars here and some are seriously so far from beautiful have no idea why they are here, GT40? Ferrari 250? nah they fail the beauty test
    PLUS NONE of them can be the most beautiful cars “OF ALL TIME” Time has not stopped yet, so this term is redundant. It is not something you can POSSIBLY know until the criteria are met that is to say when time ends, then and only then can you look back and say “of all time”

  4. I drove the wheels off a used ’72 DS in my college days, so I let go a little tear that my beloved Citroen made the top 20.

  5. Who is the illiterate Muppet writing this? The Jaguar “Coupe” is a drophead, amongst many other errors and omissions. Was the Miura the first super car with two seats? I don’t think so.

  6. Yes, some of those cars deserve their place, but the 250/275 are effectively the same look, and most of the cars in this list have the same attributes (rounded rear arches, long bonnets etc). The E Type is also, imo, overrated. lovely from the side, but from the front and rear its wheels are too narrow and are overhung by bodywork. The ‘modern’ Astons all look the same so just pick one for the list, and finally the Bugatti Atlantic looks like two half cars crudely welded lengthways! I would have added the TVR Griffith 500, Aston Martin V8 Vantage (the ’80’s one) and the Ford Mustang GT500

  7. Three Aston martins and Porsche 911 are considered among the 20 most beautiful cars? Delorean, countach, lotus esprit out?? I see a clear evidence of taste Cancer.

  8. Some of these cars are the most powerful and best handling of the days in which they were made, But not necessarily beautiful. One in particular may be iconic but beautiful…NO.
    Many Jag models are qualified as beautiful and many other car makers are not on the list. I suggest making a 1000 car list that is collected from specific criteria and another 1000 list of honorable mention. That book would be a collectors item. I have owned a 50’s Healy and now a 90.s XK8 Jag I am pretty well along in years but I have my eye on others if needed. Great looking chariots were owned by Romans for weekend sport. The ages may have had other rigs that I may not know of. The human existence is a fantastic kaleidoscope of art for art’s sake.

  9. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some of these are just expensive and not beautiful.

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