Best 2020 Pickup Trucks to Buy


Whenever you talk about a work vehicle, the first one that will probably cross people’s minds is a pickup truck. Pickup trucks offer a great blend of style and substance making them some of the best selling vehicles around.

Pickup trucks have unrivaled and unmatched configurations and capabilities. Being some of the best transportation means, there are lots of them in the market. This can easily leave you spoilt for choice which is why we have done this best 2020 pickup trucks review to help you make a choice.

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How can you define a pickup truck?


Before discussing the best 2020 pickup trucks, it’s important to know exactly what kind of vehicle a pickup truck is.

A pickup truck is simply a vehicle that has an open top cargo area at the back.

Why should you buy a pickup truck in 2020?

Here are some reasons to buy a pickup truck in 2020.

The view is better

Pickup trucks offer a better view of the road especially if you’re going to be driving on a highway. It gives you a great sense of where traffic is or isn’t moving.

They have improved gas consumption

While in the past pickup trucks consumed so much gas, that isn’t the case today. They are nowadays much lighter and consume fuel in a more efficient way thanks to the new technology.

They’re very safe

Interestingly, a lot of pickup trucks today are equipped with the same safety features as SUVs. That means you’re less likely to be severely injured in case of an accident.

They’re affordable

While they come in different makes, most pickup truck models are very affordable. You also get a lot of value for your money with them as they are very durable vehicles. Definitely worth your investment.

What to look for in a 2020 pickup truck

When buying a pickup truck in 2020, you should consider:

  • Its towing capacity
  • The usage
  • The engine size and power
  • Whether to go manual or automatic
  • The passenger capacity

Best 2020 pickup trucks

Some of the best 2020 pickup trucks to buy according to us include:

2020 Ford F-150


  • Towing and hauling capacity stands out
  • Infotainment system is user-friendly
  • Highly reliable
  • Several engine options
  • Ten-speed automatic transmission
  • Smooth ride

First on our best 2020 pickup trucks list is the 2020 Ford F-150.

It’s a full-size 2020 pickup truck with six powerful and very capable engines. This 2020 pickup truck also offers both drivers and passengers a smooth ride.

When it comes to both towing and hauling, this 2020 pickup truck does a superb job compared to many others in the same category.

The inside of the 2020 Ford F-150 is very spacious and it comes packed with lots of infotainment that you will surely enjoy. It also has some great features that assist the drivers.

This 2020 pickup truck is highly reliable. It is a great complete package that provides technology that’s user-friendly. It also has an array of configurations added to its advanced technology.

This 2020 Ford F-150 pickup truck is also very lightweight with an all aluminum body.

This 2020 pickup truck has a pre-collision assist with braking that’s automatic.

Honda Ridgeline


  • Comfortable cabin
  • Driving experience is refined
  • Well-built and high quality
  • More costly than its competitors
  • Many additional standard features
  • Reduced towing capacity
  • Off-road ability is limited

Another great ride that makes it to our best 2020 pickup trucks is the Honda Ridgeline.

In recent times crossover SUVs have grown in popularity and so have pickup trucks. This Honda Ridgeline pickup truck combines both of these two.

This 2020 pickup truck has a great cabin that’s so well built and has more room than a lot of vehicles in the same class.

The pickup truck has a cargo bed that very well handles traditional chores. It also offers you a fun and great quality ride every day.

This 2020 pickup comes with features that are more standard, 9-speed automatic transmission and it also has few trim levels.

This 2020 pickup truck can tow around 5,000 pounds. It can also haul up to 1,580 pounds when it comes to payload.

The 2020 Honda Ridgeline pickup truck has a standard front wheel drive. It also has an optional all-wheel drive which makes the car able to lock the existing power split that’s found between both the rear and front wheels only when speed is low.

This 2020 pickup truck also comes with an infotainment system, an 8-inch touchscreen to be exact that makes it so much fun. It also has Android Auto and an Apple CarPlay.

The 2020 pickup truck is also fitted with rear doors that open wider. It also has great ambient lighting and some LED headlights.

This 2020 pickup truck also combines safety features that include an automatic emergency brake system, a cruise control that’s adaptive and an active lane control.


The Chevy Colorado


  • Tailgate allows for remote-locking
  • Size is maneuverable
  • Ride is comfortable on different roads
  • Cabin controls are easy to use
  • Front seats are a bit constricting for bigger people
  • Less cabin space
  • Great steering and handling

Lastly on our best 2020 pickup trucks list is the Chevy Colorado.

It’s a great 2020 pickup truck that is able to adapt to manage different tasks and excel in them.  It also comes with a variety of engine choices.

The interior of this 2020 pickup truck gives the option of both the Infotainment 3 Premium system that has navigation and the eight-inch touch screen. The interior is also very quiet despite the fact that it’s a strong rugged pickup truck.

When you’re adding air into the truck, you will get an alert telling you it’s time to stop adding air. The Chevy Colorado is a versatile 2020 pickup truck that meets a lot of buyers’ needs.

Our verdict

The 2020 Ford F-150 is our winner among these three best 2020 pickup trucks. With less cons compared to the rest, this 2020 pickup truck incorporates the latest technology while maintaining its user friendliness.

This 2020 pickup truck offers an outstanding ability to tow and haul which is something any buyer will love.

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