Best Interior Design Online Courses 2020



We live in a digital world whereby so much can be done with just the use of a key on your computer or a click using your mouse. That’s the case even with education as the world has incorporated the use of the internet in learning, something that was once unheard of.

Many educational institutions nowadays offer courses online and one of the popular courses you can take is interior design. That’s right!

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While it seems difficult to do the practical part, interior design online courses are today very readily available and here’s more for you:

What are interior design online courses?

An online course refers to the delivery of different lessons in a series over a web browser or mobile device that can be accessed regardless of the student’s location and at any time.

Interior design online courses are therefore different lessons in interior design that are offered to students over a web browser or a mobile device.

What are the benefits of interior design online courses?

Interior design online courses have a number of advantages including:

Interior design online courses offer flexibility

When you take interior design online courses you are able to juggle easily between your career or other things that interest you and school since the courses are not tied down to a schedule that’s fixed.

In a normal interior design course, you would have to attend the classes at set times meaning you would have to work around that scheduled time. A lot of people therefore choose interior design online courses because they have other commitments.

Interior design online courses help in reducing costs

Getting your interior design online classes online can help you significantly cut down costs in a number of ways. For example, since you will not need to commute to your interior design classes, you could save on transport costs, parking, fuel, car maintenance and so much more.

Interior design online classes allow you to network

Should you decide to take interior design online classes, you will be better placed to network with others who are doing the same from around the world. This opens you up to more opportunities and collaborations in the interior design field

Interior design online courses increase your time with the instructor

In conventional classrooms, interior design students might miss out on the opportunity to get more personalized or individual attention from the lecturer taking them through the course especially because there are a number of students in the class.

However, with guided interior design online courses, you will not experience this as the students usually conduct their discussions directly with the lecturer. They also get to enjoy personal talk time with their lecturers thus increasing their skills when it comes to both communication and problem solving.

Interior design courses give you access to expertise

Taking interior design online courses gives you access to specialized courses that you probably wouldn’t have had access to if you were in a regular class. It also allows for the sharing of expertise meaning you get even more education.

Interior design online classes allow you to safely store documentation

With interior design online courses, you will be able to store things such as training materials, emails and live discussion documents online. This makes them easy to reach whenever something needs to be clarified. Accessing them is also very fast and will save you plenty of time.

What are the disadvantages of interior design online courses?

While they do have many advantages, interior design online courses also have their drawbacks which include:

  • With interior design online courses you will find yourself using up more time in completing assignments or in studying than you would in a regular class
  • It makes procrastination easier as no one checks whether or not you’re in attendance
  • Interior design online courses put the responsibility of learning the ins and outs of interior design solely on you
  • Interior design online courses deprive you of the opportunity to physically interact and work with your interior design peers and this could sometimes slow down learning

What are some of the best interior design online courses?

There are so many interior design courses online. They include:

MIT OpenCourseWare: Principles of design


  • Teaches the history of design
  • Teaches about presentation
  • Teaches about lighting
  • Does not come with a certificate
  • It’s a free course

MIT is one of the most prestigious universities in the world which is why it’s so great that it offers interior design online courses.

This one in particular, is a free interior design online course that focuses primarily in the principles of interior design.

It’s highly recommended to people who may have the desire to polish up their knowledge of basic design. Through this course, you’ll get to learn about the history of design, lighting, presentation and so much more.

It offers the learner some very valuable interior design knowledge. Note, however, that it does not come with a completion certificate.

Kelly Wearstler Teaches Interior Design (Masterclass)


  • Teaches about aesthetics
  • Teaches techniques for selecting tones
  • Teaches texture-selection techniques
  • Involves field trips
  • Teaches how to furnish different spaces

This is another great interior design online course by award-winning designer Ms.Kelly Wearstler.

This is one of the interior design online course MasterClasses that enable students to benefit from the expertise of a renowned professional.

She uses interactive videos teach her students. Through them, you get to learn and understand the different techniques required to choose the right tones, select great colors for a given space, choose great backgrounds and also textures.

Her interior design online course also incorporates field trips so that you get an even deeper understanding of how to transform different spaces.

DecoratingStudio: Design Fundamentals


  • No registration required
  • Teaches on how to choose color schemes
  • Teaches on furniture selection
  • Contains basic exercises in each section
  • It’s a free course

Next on the list of interior design online courses you can take is the DecoratingStudio Design Fundamentals course that’s also a free one.

It entails some amazing content on how to go about decorating your own home and even other people’s.

This interior design online course also has some text-based courses and image ones that you can access without having to complete a registration process.

From it you can learn how to choose the right color scheme for your house, how to pick the right furniture, and so much more.

The best part about this interior design online course is that after every section of the course, you get some related basic exercises that will help you in understanding the content better.

Which ones are better, free or paid interior design online courses?

Well, we can say it depends with exactly what you’re after. The free ones might not be as comprehensive as paid ones in some cases and may sometimes not offer you a certificate but they are definitely worth taking because they also give you the basics.

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