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5 Gentleman’s Tips For A Memorable Date

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1. Be Punctual

Having a stylish watch and being on time is something that leaves a lasting impression in the dating game. Make sure you get there early and scout out the meeting location – that leaves you with the chance to put on your most charming smile to greet her!

2. Dress To Impress

Less is more when it comes to fashion and dating – consider wearing smart, monochrome tones and accessorize with a good pair of Chelsea boots and a matching belt. Compliment your outfit with a discreet dash of timeless, masculine cologne. Admire her looks as well – make sure you take notice of how nice her hair or makeup is for the occasion!

3. The Gourmet Experience

Wow her by choosing the restaurant that’s just right for a delicious dinner. Keep in mind that the dishes need to allow you to be able to bond and chat while eating. Skip the pasta and opt for smaller, bite-size courses – ask the local sommelier as well for a wine recommendation to show off your culinary knowledge!

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4. Handle The Expense

After a delicious dessert, when you’re both full and it feels like it’s time to leave, you should excuse yourself and pay for the bill at the counter, if possible. It’s much more elegant to do it this way than at the dining table, it also leaves some time for her to process the impression you’ve made on her!

5. Until Next Time

Ask her politely if she’d prefer you to call a cab for her to get home. Make sure to let her know how much of a good time you had with her, and that you can’t wait for the next opportunity to meet. Give her a shy peck on the cheek – or if the opportunity presents itself, a demure kiss. That will be the perfect end of the date and will have you both excited to see each other again!

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Getting a Great Workout with Brisk Walking

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Brisk walking is one of the easiest forms of cardio exercise you can do. You don’t need special equipment to get started – if you have a good pair of sneakers, you’re practically ready to begin.

What is Brisk Walking?

The term “brisk” may seem a bit vague since there’s really no way of determining whether you’re walking briskly or not. That’s why we need to look at the “brisk zone” to see whether we’re doing this easy cardio exercise correctly.

How many beats per minute

One way of indicating whether we’re walking at an acceptable brisk pace is checking out heart rate. For this, we need to determine our maximum heart rate.

Maximum heart rate is 220 bpm minus your age (years), so a 25-year-old person would have a maximum heart rate of 195 bpm (220 – 25). With this, we can determine our low-end and high-end target heart rate.

The same 25-year-old would have a low-end target heart rate of 50% of their maximum heart rate (195 x 50% = 97 bpm) Their high-end target is 85% of the maximum heart rate (195 x 85% = 165 bpm). Therefore, the ideal heart rate range for a 25-year-old while brisk walking is anywhere between 97 and 165 bpm.

How many steps per minute

The ideal bpm range should be achieved while walking at least 100 steps per minute. An article in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that 100 steps per minute will help you reap the most substantial benefits of walking.

The talk test

The third way of indicating whether you’re brisk walking at the correct pace doesn’t require any math. Instead, measure your pace by talking while walking.

You should be able to speak comfortably with a bit of shortness of breath. If you’re completely out of breath, take the pace down several notches. If you’re able to sing while walking, pick up the pace.

Benefits of brisk walking

Source: globalsportmatters.com

The health benefits of brisk walking are similar to those of regular physical exercise.

First of all, you can shed pounds by burning more calories and building muscle mass.

Second, your heart will thank you for getting up and being physically active. Walking 5 days per week can significantly lower your risk for cardiovascular disease by reducing LDL cholesterol levels.

Third, regular cardio exercise can reduce blood pressure and sugar levels by making your muscle cells better able to use insulin and draw energy from glucose reserves.

Finally, your mental health can be saved by improving sleep quality, brain power, and much, much more.

Get out and brisk walk!

5 Healthy Ways to Release Built-up Anger

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It’s not healthy to bottle your emotions, especially anger. The worst part is that it doesn’t take much to push someone off the edge of patience – a snide remark from a colleague or traffic can cause even the most tamed person to explode in a tirade of cursing and arm-flailing.

Although controlling one’s emotions is a part of growing up, there are (thankfully) several ways we can healthily release pent-up anger without going overboard. Here’s a list of different ways to release anger in a healthy, stable manner.

Taking deep breaths

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It may sound cliché but doing breathing exercises when on edge can help calm you down. Ideally, you’ll want to do this in an area away from loud noises in order to maintain concentration. Find a place where you can sit comfortably, relax your neck and shoulders, and breathe deeply through your nose. Do this up to 5 minutes a day as many times as you like.


If you’re able to take your mind to a happier place far away from a frustrating situation, you should absolutely exercise this skill whenever you feel anger building up. When wrestling with tension, try and create a mental picture in your mind to calm yourself down. This can be an imaginary place with beer-serving unicorns or a real place you’ve visited… with beer-serving unicorns. Getting lost in your own imagination can help ease stress.

Mindfully moving

Sitting still can cause you to become even more anxious. That’s why it’s important to keep your body moving by doing easy exercises in a comfortable area. Try doing yoga stretches or other calming exercises to bring you back from the brink of pissed-the-hell-off. You might even find dancing to be therapeutic.

Expressing frustration

Releasing anger in outbursts won’t do you or your drywall any favors, but this doesn’t mean you can’t express your frustrations to a neutral party. If you have friends or family that’s happy to lend an ear, feel free to talk about what made you angry. Hey, they might even be able to provide some insight into the situation.

Defusing with humor

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Finding humor in an otherwise intense moment can keep you well-balanced. We don’t mean simply laughing the matter off, but rather taking a look at them in a lighthearted way that can calm you down. So the next time you feel white-hot rage building in your chest, try to imagine how the situation would look from a passerby. By doing this, you may be able to find just how minor the issue is and how you may have been on the edge of blowing it out of proportion.

Why Vegan Bodybuilding Is On The Rise

Image Source: Nimai Delgado – Plant Based News, Youtube

Plant-Based Protein

One of the biggest questions related to a vegan diet and athletism is how do you get enough of this essential macronutrient? It might be easier than you think, as long as you keep your transition to plant-based foods slow and keep a close eye on your energy-yielding nutrition.

With celebrity athletes switching to vegan diets, the plant-based movement is slowly catching people’s interest. There is a whole array of vegan powerlifters reaching amazing milestones – like Irish strongman Patrik Baboumian, who turned vegan in 2011 and has a personal record of a whopping 360kg Deadlift.

Get Your Aminos Right

The trick to getting your daily goal of protein through a plant-based diet is delving into the subject of amino-acids. Except for soy (in all of its forms), vegan protein sources need to be combined so that we get the 9 essential amino acids that are otherwise found in animal protein – but don’t worry, it’s easy as rice and beans. Once you get it down, nothing is stopping you from getting your bulk on all the while staying healthy and heart disease-free!

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What’s The Deal With Soy?

As we mentioned, soy is a complete protein – wouldn’t it make sense to eat it all the time, then? Soy contains something called phytoestrogen, which is a plant-based compound that is similar structurally to the hormone estradiol, and it’s not yet widely understood how it impacts the human body. One thing is for sure – it has been a dietary staple in Asian countries, that have one of the words lowest rate of cardiovascular disease. Try to stay clear of processed soy products, choose edamame beans or the fermented superfood, tempeh, instead!

Supplements For Peak Efficiency

Even a well-balanced diet can benefit from carefully chosen dietary supplements. When eating plant-based, Vitamin B12 levels are something you have to pay attention to, as this vitamin cannot be found in plants naturally. You can also add B12-boosted foods to the menu, such as nutritional yeast or plant milk.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids are also on the list of recommended supplements for vegans. There is a fair amount of plant-based food that contains ALA, which is then converted by our body to essential EPA and DHA fatty acids, but you have to consume them in sufficient quantities. Such options include chia seeds, walnuts, and flax seeds, just to name a few.

Overall, it can’t hurt to try and go for a few meat-free days a week – consider trying it out sometime for the gym, as well!

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20 Stylish yet Affordable Watches for Everyday Use


A beautifully crafted watch still remains a symbol of class and elegance. A watch can add another dimension of sophistication to the wearer in any situation. Many people might be a bit intimidated to purchase a sleek watch since they’re notorious for having ridiculously high price tags, but nowadays, even handsome watches can be a cross between elegance and affordability. The following list will provide 20 beautiful watches won’t leave a tremendous dent in your personal finances.

#1 Timex Weekender Chronograph 40 mm Watch – $51

Source: watchesyoucanafford.com

This masculine watch comes with robust features that are sure to instill confidence in the wearer. It’s also extremely precise, informing you up to 1/20th of every second as well as the date. The face of the watch can light up so you won’t need to grab your Smartphone to check the time in the dark. There’s also a handy battery-saving feature to save you some money on purchase replacement batteries.

What is the Blood Type Diet for Weight Loss?


What is your blood type? For the first four seconds or so, you might be dumbfounded and may not find an answer. However, if you are to know about blood type diets, you surely must be aware of your blood type. Blood type can be used to mean the same thing as blood group.

We all have unique body makeups and knowing your blood type is helpful in knowing the kind of meals that would be best for your body chemistry. When you eat foods that match your blood type, it will help you maintain or regulate a healthy body weight, make you fit and keep you away from chronic diseases.

vegan meals for weightloss
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Being fit is attributed to good health and good health is tied to eating the right blood type meals and exercising regularly (this isn’t about the exercises though).

There are different dietary meals for different blood types. The man who brought the blood type meal concept forward is Peter D’Adamo. He is a naturopathic doctor and is best known for his most successful book, ‘Eat Right for Your Type.’

The core message delivered by this doctor cum writer is that your blood type plays a huge role in determining your health status. So it is expedient to know your blood type so that you can know exactly how to eat and exercise to make you the healthiest of you.

On the other hand, skeptics might nurse second thoughts on how safe it is to stick to blood type diet. Well, it has been endorsed by the spokesperson for Academy for Nutrition and Dietetics, Sonya Angelone R.D. “The blood type diet preaches that you eat healthy foods, not totally abandoning the food groups,” says Sonya.

How reliable is the blood type diet for weight loss?

Processed foods are one of the culprits for unnecessary weight gain. “However, blood type diet helps you to eat real and wholesome foods and keeps you from your unhealthy eating habit which may have been the reason you gained weight in the first place. Blood type diet gives results in less than a week, depending on your eating habit before the regimen,” according to Julie Upton who is the co-founder of ‘Appetite for Health.’

However, in contrast to the blood diet theory, a research was carried out and the results were published in PLOS ONE in 2014. According to the research, 1500 people with different blood types underwent different blood type diets and their diet score was analyzed.

Analysis of the results showed there was no correlation between an individual’s blood type and the health benefits of the Peter D’Adamo’s prescribed blood diet. It implies that D’Adamo’s prescribed blood type diet helps you to lose weight because it makes you eat healthily and not because it has any effect on your blood type.

However, if you find the foods prescribe for your blood type as unappealing, you have every right to do away with the diet but ensure you eat healthy because even though blood type diet has no proof of its potency, healthy eating does.

So by implication, the blood diet helps you to lose weight not because it works with your blood type but because it encourages you to eat healthily and exercise, both of which are expedient for weight loss.

The Blood types and different blood type diets

  • Blood type A – fresh organic foods, adhere to a vegetarian’s type of diet and perform tai chi, hatha yoga and meditation to diminish stress levels.
  • The Blood type B – stay away from foods that can influence metabolism and weight gain such as corn, sesame seeds, wheat, lentils and tomatoes. Also stay away from chicken, eat meats such as mutton, lamb and goat, eat eggs, vegetables and dairy that’s low on fat, perform martial arts, cycling, hiking and golfing.
  • Blood type O – stay away from carbs and grains as this may lead to bodily inflammation for type O’s, perform more of running.
  • Blood type AB – avoid alcohol or caffeine, avoid cured or smoked meat, eat dairy, seafood, and dairy, eat small but frequently too, perform yoga and HIIT workouts.