Tesla’s Bestseller Model 3 – How Effective Is The Self-Driving Feature?



Image Source: tesla.com

High Automation

On the electric car market, Tesla’s star is rising steadily – with Model 3 reaching bestseller status recently in the UK. But what makes it stand out from other options?

Software-driven autonomous cars seem like a concept still too futuristic for most of us – but let’s get used to the fact that the current cars rolling out of Tesla factories are nearing full self-driving capabilities.

The company can provide an effortless driving experience – coupled with the sleek, minimalist interior of the Model 3. It features multiple cameras, sensory detection, radar and most importantly a powerful computer collecting real-time traffic data.

With the new Smart Summon feature brought out in September 2019, Tesla is aiming to facilitate parking for its clients. The car navigates tight parking spots at the press of a button, returning to its owner by itself – but does it still need intervention at some point?

Handling The Wheel

Tesla states that even though the necessary hardware for full automation is already installed in current models, they still require an alert driver with their hands on the steering wheel even when the car is performing its pre-programmed automatic functions. This is, of course, a legal requirement – in Europe at least – as you are still supposed to respond to avoid accidents.

In any case, the continuous developing and beta-testing allow users to improve their cars on the fly with function and performance updates. This makes Tesla a manufacturer of extremely safe cars – it was awarded the highest safety honor this year out of any electric vehicle by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

The skyrocketing sales of the Model 3 seem proof enough that Tesla is on the right track with this eco-friendly approach to provide a revolutionary, luxurious driving experience for those who choose to invest in it.

Image Source: unsplash.com